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Growing for first time


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Welcome aboard happy to have you best way is to start a Journal for people can see what you are doing and help you out along the way happy grow


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Here is a good starting point:
How to Grow Cannabis - Everything You Need to Know!

It's a lot of information, and while some of it may have been superseded (the Internet, forums such as this one, and generally improving attitudes have allowed for the open exchange of information and more people comparing results, what has worked best for them, et cetera), the majority of it is still solid, and it'll all give you a great foundation.

It will also put you in the position of being able to ask specific, useful questions.

There are other stickies that have useful information, of course, along with regular threads that do. And browsing the current/ongoing grow journal section until you find a few that you'd like to follow along with (and then doing so) can be quite helpful, too. Reading through some of the journals in the "completed" section can be helpful - because you never have to "tune in again next week to see the exciting conclusion of..." (lol); you can read them from start to finish, at your own pace - because they're already (in most cases) past the harvest stage.

Most folks here try to be helpful. But... Well, it's easier when someone (for example) asks something like, "Should I worry about maintaining the pH of my DWC reservoir at exactly 5.8 at all times when in flowering, or mix my nutrients to be ever so slightly lower and let the pH gradually rise a bit as the plants consume the nutrients?" as opposed to the generic, "How do I grow cannabis?" (use both sides of paper if necessary, lol). That answer could fill a book - and there are lots of such books already in existence. For that matter, the information available here could fill an entire set of books.
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