Growing High Brix With Mystery Seeds

Welcome to my 2nd grow journal!

Let me just say that the 420 community is wonderfully helpful and supportive. I've learned so much in the last few months journaling my first grow, receiving advice from experienced growers, and rooting for my fellow noobs. Needless to say, it is a pleasure to be here and I hope y'all feel the same way. If you haven't stopped by my first journal yet, go check it out: Mystery Seed's 400W LED Grow Journal - ScrOG - 2'x2'x5' Tent

Let's get down to brass tacks, shall we? This round, I'm growing in first run Doc Bud's High Brix Blend soil that's been cooking since May 8th. I'm a laissez-faire grower using a SWICK watering system, so we'll see just how little I can do to get high brix buds. Any help you High Brix growers can offer will be greatly appreciated.

My set-up:

  • Lights
    • Mars Hydro II 400w LED Grow Light (80x5w)
    • Mars Hydro 300w LED Old model (100x3w)
    • 2x 23-watt CFL bulbs (2100k) for underlighting

  • Fans and Filters
    • 4" Hurricane in-line fan (171cfm)
    • 4" x 8" Phresh Carbon Filter
    • 6" clip fan and a 120mm computer fan for air circulation

  • Pots and Soil
    • 2x 5-gallon GroPro fabric pots
    • Doc Bud's High Brix Blend soil (Promix HP Myco & Wiggle Worm EWC), amendments, nutrients, and foliar sprays

  • SWICK watering system
    • 42-quart Rubbermaid under-bed tote
    • 1-2 cu ft of perlite

  • Controls
    • Speedster variable fan speed controller
    • Titan Controls heavy-duty mechanical timer
    • 6-outlet surge protector
    • Indoor/Outdoor digital thermometer and hygrometer

  • Strains (only two will make the cut, which two is still up for some debate)
    • Papaya #1
    • Papaya #2
    • Maui (not Waui)
    • Mystery Seed #3

So far, all plants but Mystery Seed #3 are in gallon pots of DBHBB soil, which makes me think it's not gonna make this next round in the tent. They are currently vegging under a 138w LED in my grow cabinet in various stages of topping and training. They will stay in the cabinet for about 3 more weeks while my Papayas finish out in the tent.

The proof:

From left-to-right, back-to-front: Papaya #1, Papaya #2, Mystery Seed #3, pre-topped Papaya #2, and the Maui's. These little ladies (fingers crossed that Mystery Seed #3 is a lady) will spend the next couple of weeks under the care of my roommate while I visit the fam-fam. The final decision about what goes in the tent will be decided when I return.

Now for the of the flower tent where my High Brix ladies will go in a few weeks. Currently, the tent is filled with Papaya #1 and #2 after 6 weeks of flowering.

Trying to keep it clean above the lights. My 4" Hurricane in-line fan sits above the tent connected directly to the 4" x 8" Phresh carbon filter.

A look at the light spectrum of the Mars Hydro LEDs. Thus far, I'm very satisfied with the results of these lights.

Bud shots of my Papayas to end.

Thanks for swinging by my High Brix journal. Until next time, grow happy and healthy!

"Remember, I'm pulling for you; we're all in this together." -Red Green

P.S. If you want to learn more about High Brix growing, stop by Doc Bud's journal: Doc Bud - High Brix Q&A With Pictures
Or, visit my blog: The Basics of Doc Bud's High Brix Blend Kit w/ Instructions - Blogs - 420 Magazine ®
Am I really the first one here? :thedoubletake:
It will be great to follow along. What's one more sub? :cheesygrinsmiley:
You bet I'm here. :love:
BTW, those are some mighty fine looking papaya buds you got there Mystery! Is it the LEDs giving them that blue/orange thing? They look tasty!
The soil is not to blame...

Glad y'all can join along. I must note that the Maui's in front were given to me in 4" rockwool cubes showing the signs of deficiency you see in the upper leaves. Only a couple of days in the kit soil and they're starting to bounce back nicely.
BTW, those are some mighty fine looking papaya buds you got there Mystery! Is it the LEDs giving them that blue/orange thing? They look tasty!

The buds from my flowering Papayas look pretty much like the photos, but the no-name LED in my veg cabinet puts off a light spectrum that my camera just can't adjust for. That said, the Papayas are definitely a deeper shade of green.
Made it!!! cant wait to see how the high brix works with the LEDs :drool:
Did you add chunky perlite to your soil?
Everything looks stellar so far Mystery! I'll stick around if that's ok :)

That's fine by me, Scrubby. Glad to have you and the rest of the HB crew along for the ride.

To answer you question, I added some perlite but not the full 25% other SWICK users added. That said, I'm planning to stick with wet/dry cycles until a few weeks into flower (don't want those wimpy hydro roots).

Once you transplant into final 7-gal pots, how long do you veg before switching to 12/12 light?
You're going to do two plants, right? It all depends on space.
I'd flip them pretty quick in a 2x2 room. Maybe 1 week. No more than two weeks, but I'm not familiar with the growth habits of your plant candidates.
7 gallons is a damn big container in order to use it all wouldn't you need a massive plant or am I missing something here?

agreed i would say you would want to veg your plant for at least 2 months if your going to use a 7 gallon pot. but of course thats just my opinion
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