Growing High Brix With Mystery Seeds

Plants are looking nice, MysterySeeds.
Update - Flower Day 11

Flower Day 11

Just a quick update, so that you all know I'm still here. Everything is going dandy in my tents and grow cabinets. Because of my mistake of leaving the light on a 14/10 schedule a few weeks before flip, Papaya #1, Papaya #2, and Maui #3 are all further ahead in flower than the other three plants, but that shouldn't cause me any trouble from this point on.

Headed to the garden store today to pick up some perlite, EWC, and a bale of Promix Hp Myco to start cooking my 2nd batch of Doc Bud's High Brix soil. I'll add the extra perlite to my SWICK reservoir so I can add more water for those mini-vacations I like to take.

Flower Tent Vitals:
Temps: 65-85'F
RH: 30-70%
Light: 11/13

Veg Cabinet Vitals:
Temps: 60-85'F
RH: 30-65%
Light: 18/6

Clone Cabinet Vitals:
Temps: 68-78'F
RH: ?
Light: 24/0

Before defoliation:

After defoliation.


The Papaya flower tent after lights out. They will be getting a Cat Drench in the next few days.

The veg cabinet. So many options for my next round. To note, Deathstar and all five Hazy Apes were bagseeds from bud at work, which means they are children of hermies. The Deathstar seed came from a Deathstar bud, and I have no idea what else might have pollinated it. The Hazy Ape seeds came from a Grape Ape plant that crossed with itself, Super Lemon Haze, or Caramel. I'll probably grow them big enough to take cuttings, then put them right into flower to determine if they're worth keeping around or not.

Took these cuttings about a week after flipping my flower tents to an 11/13 light schedule. They include Mystery Seed #3, Maui, Flo, and Animal Cookies. To note, they were cut, soaked in distilled water for 24-hours, dipped in Miracle Grow Fast Root, placed into Jiffy Pellets (aka "peat moss pellets"), and set in a cup of perlite. As an experiment, I added soil to the Animal Cookies and Flo cups.

And to end, a closeup of the baby Deathstar about a week ago.

Goodluck and Dogspeed! :Namaste:
Mystery Seed #3 is a lady!!! Oh, and some baby bud shots.

So, in the last few days, Mystery Seed #3 has shown itself to be a lady and a very sativa-dominant looking lady at that. Anyway, here are some close up shots of the flowers after 12-days of 11/13 light.

Mystery Seed #3

Maui was in the tent with the Papayas for their couple weeks of 14/10 light, so it's ahead of the others.

Animal Cookies


Happy Growing! :Namaste:
They are lovely! Someday Im gonna try the Scrogging thing, you know, after I learn how to grow. lol
scrogging is awesome!! i really enjoy it but there are always + and - to everything and the plants are looking awesome man congrats on the female :cheer:
The updated veg cabinet and more...

Flower Day 18

Another quick photo update with captions. If you have questions, please feel free to ask. Compliments always welcome.

Flower #1 Vitals
Temp: 58-82'F
RH: 30-75%
Light: 11/13

Flower #2 Vitals
Temp: 58-77'F
RH: 25-45%
Light: 11/13

Veg cabinet Vitals
Temp: 62-83'F
RH: 25-50%
Light: 16/8 for the lower unit and 24/0 for the upper unit.

Flower tent #1 after a healthy defoliation.

Mystery Seed #3


Animal Cookies


Underneath the canopy. Trying to keep it clean.

Flower tent #2. Had it's first Cat Drench a few days ago, and thinking about another in a day or so. Since I'm using a 4" SWICK reservoir, I top water in each drench with a 1/2 gallon of de-chlorinated tap water. This worked well for me last grow and continues to work well for me this grow.

Veg cabinet redone. I removed the storage area from underneath and added a clone/early veg space above so I could give my stealth speaker grow box to a friend. I'm having trouble keeping the RH% up, but that happens when growing dope in the mountains of Colorado.

[Day 18] Death Star (bagseed - sex unknown)

[Day 11] Hazy Ape #1 (bagseed - sex unknown)

Now, go out and kick some ass... at life! :Namaste:
Beautiful SCoGs, MS!
Nice, clean setup all the way around. :thumb:
Your plants look great, MysterySeeds. They always do. I didnt realize you were growing 2 plants in the pots. Your redone space looks awesome. Im sure you will make the most of it. :blushsmile:
The more the merrier...

I didnt realize you were growing 2 plants in the pots.

That way I can flip them sooner instead of waiting severa; weeks for two plants to grow big enough for the ScrOG. That, and I like having a variety. In the next month and a half, I should have Animal Cookies, Flo, Maui, Mystery Seed #3 (very sativa-looking), Papaya #1, and Papaya #2. That's six different strains to dabble with while I search for more strains to fill the space.

Thus far, both Papaya #1 and #2 have been big hits with my friends. A very peppery scent, with a strong sativa-head high and a sneaky indica body high. I just hope nobody in the area finds out I used feminized seeds. :lot-o-toke:
Bit late but :popcorn:
Got to admit it's getting better, getting better all the time.

Flower Day 36

Just a quick photo update of my flower tent #1.

My tent full of flowers. Mystery Seed #3 is dominating the space.

Mystery Seed #3 has lots of pistils but she's lacking behind in frostiness relative to her neighbors. I'm thinking this is gonna be a 10-12 week strain. We shall see.

Maui is the runt of the tent but she is the furthest along in flower due to accidentally having her on a 14/10 light schedule in veg.

Animal Cookies take the cake for my favorite looking bud. We grow Animal Cookies at work and it's always the winner for bag appeal. Big dense, frosty nugs that sparkle in the light. Plus, close-up for your enjoyment.

Flo. I acquired Flo with Animal Cookies and it didn't have a strong appeal because I've only seen fluffy buds, but I think growing high brix is gonna change my opinion of it. So, beautiful.

Good luck and Jah speed!:Namaste:
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