Growing High Brix With Mystery Seeds

Nice, MysterySeeds. The flowers and the plants look great.
yes i see some frost starting to develop :volcano-smiley: great update and love the scrog
My setup...

A couple profile shots of flower tent #1.

And now for the artsy fartsy photos...

May the brix be with you!:Namaste:
The veg cabinet...

Inside the veg cabinet. My little garden of clones and a couple seeds.

Mystery Seed #3.



Deathstar (started from bagseed).

Whoops. My upload failed so I can't get individual shots of every baby. What else is in there: Papaya #1 and #2, Maui (the largest plant), Hazy Ape #1 (a Grape Ape bagseed crossed with Super Lemon Haze or Caramel), and Animal Cookies.

Up above I have two clones taken from flowering Papaya #1 and #2. I know this isn't the best practice, but I just bought some rockwool cubes and wanted to test them out. Not to mention, I wanted to see if I could rescue a pheno if I absolutely need to. Oh, my little science experiments.

Speaking of science experiments. A friend was harvesting his hydro grow and was about to toss a couple Jet Fuel stems out with tiny buds on them. They were rooted in a 4" rockwool cube on top of an 8" rockwool cube. I cut off the 4" cube, removed the plastic around the rockwool cube, cut off the outside 1/2" of roots, and then replanted them in a gallon pot filled with soil. They are now alongside the clones under 24/7 light. If they survive, I expect to start seeing new growth within a month or so. Anyway, the photo:

That's all. Goodnight and goodluck!:sleep:
Nice update and pictures, MS. Your AC buds look amazing!
The mountains are getting frosty and so are the buds...

Flower Day 41

Just a quick photo update of the flower tents.

Flower tent #2 with the two Papayas is within 2-weeks of harvest. This tent accidentally had several weeks of 14/10 light, so it's a little ahead of schedule. Oh well, I get to enjoy the harvest sooner.

Flower tent #1 with Mystery Seed #3, Maui, Animal Cookies, and Flo. Things are getting frosty in there.

Goodnight and good luck. :Namaste:
Smoke report - Papaya

CC, i hope you enjoy the plethora of first run Papaya photos. It was easier on my phone to upload the whole lot than go back and edit out the extras. The smoke report is at the end. :)

This keeps looking better and better.

I have heard the papaya is almost a greasy heavy smoke/. I think you ran it once before no? What did you think if so?

I did run Papaya on my first grow and it surprised me. The description at Nirvana Seeds said a short, hardy, low smell plant with greasy and fluffy buds - all of which it was except the last thing about fluffy buds. The buds frosted up nicely at the end and when dried became rock hard nugs up to a 4grams in weight. I harvested about 3oz from each plant with an ounce of trim between the two for a total of 7oz of useable dope.

As for the smoke, it smells just like its name with a peppery background. The high is sativa in nature to begin and fades into a relaxed indica body buzz. A potent hybrid that has pleased all my friends and beats the majority of bud we put on the shelves at work. With the ounce of trim, I made a pound of butter and let it loose amongst my friends - and their resounding response is "Whoa!"
Man - those buds look awesome!
Papayas down!

Harvest Update

Just letting y'all know that I just chopped Papaya #1 and #2. Did a bud wash using Doc Bud's method, and now the ladies are hanging upside down in my tent soaking up a little extra light before lights out. The bud wash really cleaned up all the extra foliar spray residue.

To note, this was my first grow done completely in Doc Bud's High Brix Blend using the foliar sprays and drenches per Doc's instructions: The Basics of Doc Bud's High Brix Blend Kit w/ Instructions - Blogs - 420 Magazine ®

I'm happy with the results, thus far, and will reserve my final judgement until they're dried and cured. With luck, an ounce of these ladies will place me on the podium at our local Cannabis Cup... though I'd not be surprised with a win. ;)

Anyway, a few photos of the ladies before chop:

May the brix be with you! :Namaste:
Wow! Some of your photos are stop-you-in-your-tracks good. Those are some of the most beautiful plants I've seen outside of BB's tents. :adore:

I have such admiration for your control of the spaces MysterySeeds. I need to think like you when I set up my new grow spaces after the holidays. I'm so glad you're in my world and I'll be able to consult with you.

Keep it up. We expect excellence from you now, since you've spoiled us so. :laughtwo:
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