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Growing in Metal Gabage Cans?


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Hi There All,
Has anyone tried growing inside of metal garbage cans?
I have some that are on the side of my house in the back
in a pretty descreet area that gets good light. I was
wondering if anyone has done this and/or has any advice to give
on such an attempt.


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i would not recommend this. go with big ass plastic containers. 8-10 gal are perfect if ur expecting huge plants. u'd even get away with a 5gal.


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Be sure to drill lots of holes for drainage.
I disadvantage to using containers is that it raises the plants up, making them more visible.
A 4' tall plant in a container makes the top of the plant 6' tall.


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then dig a whole and put the pot on the inside of the hole, then ur plants average height again

edit: i just dont trust the soil around here.


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Would it affect the grow if this happened.What if the metal started rusting inside and chemicals from rust imbalanced your grow??is that possible
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