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Growing Indoors In The Great White North: Blue Berry, Skunk, Kush


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Hello from Canada!

Just started 3 varieties, 5 seeds each, two days ago in paper towels.
I have reg Blueberry and reg Original Skunk from Crop King, and some kind of kush seeds that must have got away on the grower, so I an assuming these seeds will be either female or hermies?

After one day all 15 seeds had cracked using the paper towel method as per Crop King's directions. Instead of a dish though I used a seed starter tray that has a wicking mat that draws up water from a reservoir below. It keeps the paper towel perfectly moist with no ups and downs.

Blueberry: 4 have 1/8 taproot 1 peeking
Skunk: 4 have 1/8 taproot 1 peeking
Kush: all 5 have a 1/2 inch taproot! and will be going to 1 gallon pots this afternoon! I am assuming these are fresher seeds as they are so much ahead of the others.
till next time...
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Bonjour Brother from another mother!

welcome to 420 mag!

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Moved all but two lazy ones into gallon pots in a peatmoss perlite mixture, and under the 600 w MH with a vented cooltube reflector, the room is 16 square feet. Temp at the bed is holding at 20C so hoping for the best!


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Well leftout, you can kinda see the taproots, and the pots are just dirt today, but tomorrow....! I have to say to get 13 of 15 sprouted and into the dirt in two days is fairly encouraging and I will put up another pix once they are all out of the ground. Two of the kush seeds went from 1/2 to a fuzzy 3/4 in about 3 hours, which caught me by surprise. Pix will get better!




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1 week in, 9 solid plants and 2 stragglers. The Blueberry I must not have planted deep enough, it came up wearing it's helmuts, and I had to remove on all? They are doing fine now, Have 3 strong from each variety, 24 inches under a 600 W MH. Room is 22 C, and have started at the seedling rate with Advanced's sinsemilla grow nutes. Already the Skunk leafs are markedly differen't, more Indica looking although the strain was marketed as a 50/50 Indica Sativa.






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The Blueberry is still quite small compared to the other two, but looks ok

The Kush is probably not kush as it looks like a sativa variety??

The Skunk is huge compared to the others

May have had my 600 watt a little close as they grew themselves out of nitrogen I think and turned a little limey! I have raised the light to about 24 inches from 20 and they seem to be doing better, also upped the nutes.


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Finally reading the journal guide, and I thought I would back fill a few details.
Light is a 600 W MH/HPS Fusion Bright digital with a cool tube reflector
Room is 3.5 X 5 x10 feet
Light is vented to outside, and pulling ambient air from a larger adjacent room
Room is averaging 25C and about 60% humidity.
Room is heated with a small 220V electric baseboard heater.
Using Advanced Nutrients sinsemilla grow and bloom line.
A duct fan pulls the warm air from the top of the room and pushes it onto the floor to keep the space heated evenly, and the room is on an outside wall. It has been -30C (-22F) here at night for a week and it seems to be holding it's own in there.


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