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Growing issues


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Well your plants are stretching. Usually this is the result of them not being close enough to the light or using the wrong type of lighting. Both those do not seem to be the case with your pictures. Perhaps its genetics then.

Did you transplant to the 1 gal? Either way your plants stretched. You can add a layer of material to cover the stem all the way up to near the bottom of the leaves if need be. I would also recommend a fan to strengthen the stem. Low setting should be fine, you just want a gentle breeze not a hurricane in there. Your lights probably should be a bit further away. 18 in if those are 5 watt diodes on those fixtures.


my plants are white widow auto, I planted them in moisture control soil...maybe transplanted too soon, I had them in a 50X50X79 grow tent in my basement with 2 meizhi reflector series 450w lights. I did not move lights for picture. I have since brought them into my house and have them now under a florescent light to see if that makes a difference. I did have the reflector lights when I moved them to my house but that seemed too hot. Temp is in the 70's with maybe 40% humidity. I have not checked the PH.I water when it feels dry...this morning...I have a small fan blowing on them for several days now....
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