Growing Lowryder Auto


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Hi, im new to growing in general and the first time im growing ive ordered Lowryder autos(2 seeds) and not sure how to start. i would really appreciate the help with what suggestions on soil/fertilizer i should use since im growing outside. i live in Aus aswell


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Hmm outside the ground or above? If they are going to live in a pot all their lives, you might start them in the pot you are going to use till the end, they say autos don't like transplants. I've only ever grown one auto, she lives in the guest house off the pot condo right now...wasn't supposed to be a auto but BOOM she started flowering! I will tell you since I didn't know it was a auto and I often don't listen to good advice, I started her in a small pot he transplanted to a bigger one fine and i topped her often, now have 8 tops going. Not sure how thats gonna pan out either but guess we'll see! When I first started out I watched alot of videos, there's a guy on youtube (or was) named Mr Canucks Grow, he give a ton of good info! Course it's been a whole year for me, I know all there is to know now... ;) CHeers mate, gl to your grow! :yahoo:
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