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Growing Medical Marihuana in Michigan


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Most of my friends are on our side of the fence. Most have suffered at one time or another due to pot paranoia. Obviously some of us more than others ...

Rest assured the majority of Michigan's ordinary people have your back on this cause.


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Just an update on a few case's i've been to this week Joe Selman this guy has just cam back from the M.S.C. a few weeks ago it was his first day back in Court and has a new hearing on Jan 28,

Robert Tuttle has a sentencing date that same day @ 9 AM at the 1200 building i was also at Mr. VanDyke's Case him and his wife they had a Sec 8 hearing lasted two days it went well Imho we will see the Judge is writing her opinion due next week weather he can have a Jury here that they are card holders Mr. Hartwick is coming up Feb first

I was also at the Stoney Creek case two brothers running a dispensary they both got 90 days and a lot of probation and big $$$ for their Lawyers

Peace from the front lines

Bob and Torey R.I.P Torey
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