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Growing outdoors in Southern ontario?

Purple Goose

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Hi are you growing outdoors in ontario? Had problems with getting your plants to finish before the frist frost? Well I have been doing some research picking the brains of all the outdoor growers I know and have asked them what they find is the best strain to grow in southern ontario that will finish on time every time and found that most of them didnt have a specific strain they use but instead a specific tactic.

The way they explain it to me is if you put a cannabis plant in an area where it gets unobstructed light from dawn till dusk in ontario it will be much later in the season before flowering is triggered instead many of my friends have taken to growing in areas that allow for 6-8 hours of direct light per day in intervals of around 2 hours between shady periods , so by growing in these areas that have a bit more shade but enough light to not allow the plant to trip to flowering to soon you will find that generally by the first week of september your plants should have been flowering for 2-3 weeks and any 8 week strain should finish by the 1 or 2 week of oct. And why does this work well if you are getting only 6-8 hours of direct light during the longest days of the year will only be getting 4-6 hours of direct light by the end of aug and by the time sept comes they will be getting at best a total of 10 hours of light per day so they will race to the finish line. Give it a try you might be surprised.
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