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Growing Outside


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I live in AL. I was wondering what would be the best time to plant my plant outdoors. Had a friend try to grow one last year who ended up with some really stringy leafy stuff that wouldnt get me high. Any tips on how long it should grow, where i should grow it and when to pick it? thanks for any help.
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Plant seeds in prepared amended soil after the last dangers of frost have passed. 4/20 is a good date in most area's.
Keep watered (at least 2x/week) and add nutrients to the water at least 1x/week.
Harvest when 75% of the bud hairs have turned red/brown (mid-late Oct. with most strains). The manicure, bag dry & cure.

Are you aware we have a subforum specific to outdoor growing here?


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if it is in a spot that gets enough sun. the more exposure to direct sunlight, the more/bigger buds you'll get. but also remember in your state, security has got to be concern #1.


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Start the plant indoors and transplant or just cut the bottom of the bucket, use a 5 gallon bucket that you can dispose of, and put it in a hole. The extra veg time is a good way to make sure you are putting a strong plant outside, plus with it being older it will be a hearty plant to start with and you will end up with a larger plant and probably a larger yield.
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