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O.K. I'm a experienced grower but don't know alot of shit

So can somebody compile a list of supplies, prices,locations,importance..... for us beginners... Because alot of you guys that might have been growing and buying supplies of your own 5+ years know the prices and exactly what you need

I just asked my grandpa god rest his soul, to borrow some of his shit to grow some weed and he was like "sure go ahead make sure to bring it back or I'll have to whoop your little ass" well he died and now I just ask my grandma now she died and well I gotta buy my own supplies for the first time in the 4years Ive been growing I never even read the bags I just told my grandma I was growing weed and she took some bags and put a bunch of shit in them gave them to me and said "you should have no problem now" I'd smile smoke more with them and take a cookie.... they really never cared since I gave them some from each grow because they had very distorted values of money and gave me like $20 to buy a ounce so to keep them from getting injured by local dealers I supplied them anyway...............................

prices, names,what they do, how important they are, and where you can find the supplies would be very helpful Thankyou I appreciate Mucho gracias


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First off...Your grand parents ROCK!

Next...try some of our sponsors to get some of your supplies. Then read the Grow Room forums for tips and other sites for supplies and such.

And maybe buy a good growing "How To" book.

Let us know how things go.



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do you have lights still? are you gunna grow hydro or soil? how big is your space? what have you done since nobody really helped you?


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my personal experience is to go to a local hydro store whether your doing soil or hydro the people there are normally just as big of a pot head as you and are very willing to do a little explaning of what you want with how much room you have. just remember not to say anything stupid to them. your growing tomatoes!


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I'm growing soil right now have enough room/light for about 4-5 plants never grew hydro I always fuck it up

uhh... right now I'm germinating some seeds and about to pop them in the ground 2 opened up so 2 are going in

I have miracle gro all purpose soluble plant food mix what I've been using for a while trying to keep things simple as possible umm yeah still got a light plants are gonna be right next to the heater gonna have a steady temp between 77-86 degress for them


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do you have a way to check your ph of the water? remember not to burn your seedlings with too many nutes... most already have some in the soil and too many will harm ur plants.....
what else are you wanting to know?
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