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Growing Under Mars Hydro Power


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ok so here we go with a new journal. I've been growing since my wedding back in October. So I'm still new at this and know just enough to get me in trouble. I love hearing advice and any suggestions so if anyone has any please speak up.

Well here is what I got going
Room size- 4×4
Genetics- 1 blackcherry×bop
1 tropical banana
1 strawberry lemonade
1 bop×mod
Soil- 2/3 Foxfarm ocean and 1/3
Roots organic
Nukes- GH rapid start, GH ripen, GH floralicious plus, then some real growers recharge and thats it
Size of pots- started in 1.5g will finish in 7.5g air pruning pots
Fans - I'm buying a 4"exhaust fan and have a 6" oscillating fan on the floor
Lights- 2 MARSHYDRO TS1000
Temp -78°
OK I think that's all the info for now
Fresh clean room ready for lights
1light is up
had to put some stickers on the wall
plants are in starting to look like a grow room again
and here it is with both lights set up and daised chained together i have then at 75% power right now
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Thats what im talking about Fast:roorrip: clean, organized. Canopy looks level and love those plant stands.
Is it hard getting water/ feedings to the bottom of those pots? (Badass btw) If so, bottom feed them girls, just dont let them drown bro.
Looking fantastic bud :48:
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