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So I got some questions, with being legal. grow some trees all over my house why not.? Lol Chong did it☮️ So I really want to know how he had weed as regular old house plants..


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The overhead lights in his living room happened to be 1Kw HPS, lol?

Cannabis is just a plant. It's not going to be a real productive plant unless it's receiving enough light-energy, et cetera - and you'd need to keep a proper and sufficient dark period if you were trying to flower a photoperiodic strain... but it's just a plant. I used to know a guy who kept several plants going in terrariums(?) that were (each) constructed of two three-liter pop bottles. He just treated them as houseplants. I laughed at them/him until I realized that he wasn't trying to produce a massive crop of bud (or, perhaps, bud :rolleyes: ); he just liked having lots of plants in and around his home.

If you just want to try growing a cannabis plant or two in your home's general space for sh!ts and giggles, use seeds of autoflowering strains because they'll eventually flower regardless of the light/dark cycle, and try to provide as much light-energy to the plant(s) as possible. If you're looking for some kind of production, set up a dedicated grow space.

It's just a plant.


Thank you had laugh or too. But very informative, I think I’m gonna try it out and see how it goes I’ve had a grow space before. But there are so much variables. It hard to control all of them without a expensive set up... my main problem is just fresh air. I hear if the plant just sit in it out air for to long it will die.. maybe replace all the lights with LEDs in my house‍♂️


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Oh buddy. Let me tell you, you don't need anything fancy lol
If you use DWC (deep water culture), you can have a nice plant growing in the corner of your bedroom.
Using nothing more than a home depot storage bin (the yellow lid kind), 4x23watt curly cfls, $15 dollar Walmart fan, 1 ac powered pc cpu fan for sucking the air out (amazon), and a fish tank bubbler from pet smart.

This is what I use lmao
After many years I finally came to the conclusion that weed doesn't require much. Cfls don't get hot. And because you have a bonzai tree, you can have those lights really close, providing good coverage to the entire plant.

The secret is the bubbles. This provides your roots with oxygen. Plant grows 3 times bigger and 3 times faster. DWC bro. Small footprint (dollar store Tupperware food storage container lmao), large plant, no bugs, no mess.

Hope these pics give you some ideas. You don't need anything fancy. Trust me. I don't even ph my water. I don't ppm check. I don't even do water changes. I just add 2L tap water each day as it gets low. Yes, the plant is thirsty when it gets bigger, so vacations are out of the question. Something to consider btw.



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Just to be clear, cannabis does NOT make an ideal houseplant, no matter what you see in the movies. :p
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