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Growing with Big Budha

Big Budha

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Hi all I'm new to this forum and currently have a grow in progress it is in the first week of flower here are afew pictures

Big Budha

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OK I haven't gotten this journal off to a very good start so let me give some details of this grow
Started on May 7th
Strains are G13 haze, Lucy, Liberty Haze, all from Barney's Farm and then there is Thai, and ultimate purple
grow medium is 5 gal of peat moss with 30% perlite 1/3 cup of dolomite lime and a 1/3 of a cup of growology step one
lights are 400 watt LED and the room is 6'x6' with a 400 CFM exhaust fan with a charcoal filter for order control
and the plants are in #5 airpots and 2" of insulation on the floor to keep the root zone from getting cold in the basement
As you can see from the above photos the plants are doing well and have been given step 2 for 8 weeks and then switched to step 3
for the last week and will continue on step 3 until 2 weeks before harvest when the will get straight water all watering has been Ph'd at close to 6.5

Please feel free to ask any questions Keep em Green!

Big Budha

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OK found out that my Thai plant is a boy I'm very excited to let him breed with my girls. I won't have to buy seeds again for a long time
I'm not sure if he will ripen soon enough to pollinate the girls but I will be collecting pollen from him for later use as well. This will be my first try at breeding I hope things go well and I get some good seeds.

Big Budha

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Plants grown under LED light panels have a higher requirement for calcium and magnesium, are you also using a calcium and magnesium supplement? Your plants look healthy.
No actually I mixed in some Dolomite lime with my peat moss and have not had to use any supplements other than Growology step 1,2 and 3


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Thanks for the heads up on this journal, BB - your plants look fantastic! And thanks for the kind words about our nutes. Really appreciate the support.


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they are looking very healthy ,, looks like you will have some nice bud :bravo:
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