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Growlow's Recycling Organic Living Soil - 2000W HPS


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G'day Growers!

I am glad to see a lot of you well and growing like the champions you all are. I am going to share with you my approach to growing in soil organically. It involves no tilling of the soil. No bottle fertilizers. No harsh pesticides. All fertilizers and sprays are organically made and supplied with a little elbow grease and small investment. The pay off is worth the investment.

So I guess we'll start at the beginning. Making the soil!

I made up a super soil essentially a mixture of top soil, guano. rock dust and essential minerals.

4 bags x Dr Earths Organic Soil
4 bags x Fox Farms Ocean Forest (used these because I had them laying around)

Down To Earth soil amendments:
5lbs of Blood meal
5lbs of Fish bone meal
4 cups of Kelp meal
2 cups of Oyster shell
4 cups of Alfalfa meal
2 and half cups of Azomite

The only product not from Down to Earth were:

5lbs of Sunleaves Peruvian Seabird Guano 12-11-2
3lbs Rock phosphate
2TBLS powdered Humic acid
3/4 cup Epsom Salt
3/4 cup Dolomite
1/2 cup Mycorrhizae
Lava rock to help with aeration (Perlite and things of the like aren't good in these growing processes because of how they break down into a powder. You want something that will not break down. I chose lava rocks because they give something extra through slow release. So it's a win/win.).

This was all well mixed then placed in 4 x 31 gallon rubbermaid totes to cook and do its things. Now by cook I don't mean heat which most people seem to be taking the term for its literal sense in regards to heating the soil. I live in the Pacific Northwest with current lows of 40 and highs of around 65. I have my totes outside in the sun and the elements (with their lids on) and they have all produced some beautiful Myco web already which I have tossed into the soil and let build back up then tossed once more. I'll repeat this process every 5 or so days over the next 40 days to thoroughly saturated the soil with a healthy supply of web.

This soil will eventually be loaded with specifically chosen beneficial instects, bacteria and fungi. To make a LIVING SOIL!!!! The concept is to build up a soil with life in it breaking down the medium and replacing it with vermacompost and more! All you need to do is top off occasionally with some nitrogen rich material for the worms and insects to break down. I'm going to get assistance from plants like White Clover, which draws nitrogen from the air and disperses it into the soil which is great for plants through all stages.

I'm going to build a DIY worm farm you can even keep in your house/appartment with it producing very little smell. It's all about how you serve them up dinner :Namaste: This is a great way to use up veggie and fruit scraps (minus your onions and citrus fruits) and any old newspapers laying around, your coffee grounds from your coffee in the morning (People are misinformed in thinking that used coffee grounds are to acidic. The majority of the acid went into your coffee when you drank the left over is very very low in any acid.). To Be honest my favourite food to feed them is the left over fibre from when I make a juice mixed with some dried and blitzed egg shell. I have also blitzed up old fashioned oats and some other grains into a powder. All the food is blizted to its smallest form... worms have small mouths afterall, lets help em out. Not to mention the faster they eat it the less time it sits around decomposing.. therefore reducing any smell!

I'm going to run all you guys/girls/guyirls through this process from scratch with videos and photos. Feel free to ask any questions. If you see something that could be done better feel free to share. I like to share someone elses perspective occasionally.

The strains grown in round 1 of this journal will be:
-TGA's Mickey Kush (Indica Dom Pheno).
-Girlscoutcookies thin mint cut x OG Kush Diablo cut. (This is one of my first cuts I'm sharing with the world.. I call it "The Chillz") You will see why I call it this hopefully as it goes through flower!.
-Sour Tsunami (CBD)
-Charlottes Web (CBD)

To follow are seeds being popped as speak which are:
-Jack Herer
-OG Kush

Room conditions:
2 x 1000 watt Super HPS
Temp 73f with a low of 62f
Humidity high of 40% low of 30%

I look forward to sharing this with you all and seeing what you think :)


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So for those unfamiliar with what a supersoil should look like about 4-7 days into it's "cooking" period. That means covered with a good level of moisture and the temps should be between 60-80 for optimal results. Speaking of which these are the results you want to see!

Check out that WEB! This is the same stuff that many first time supersoil makers mistake as a negative sign and toss out their soil. This is Mycorrhizae webbing and a great example of it. This shot was taken today. Temps have been between 51f-76f. I have had them outside as I'm still in the middle of renovating my garage. As in it's completion will be a complete indoor growers dream space. with a designated Veg, Flower and Breeding room as that's truthfully one of my biggest passions and has been for over 20 yrs now.Anyway back to the tote. This tote has been tilled maybe 3 times now and this is 2 days after its last tilling. I'll continue to let this soil rest for a further week before dumping it out onto a sturdy tarp and mix it thoroughly once more before potting plants. Should be some REALLY good growth.

Also a VERY exciting update is that my Veg and Flower rooms are about to get a dose of LED. I have just put in an order for 2 x DS200 EX-Veg and 1 x XML350 from AdvancedLED. Adding the power of the XML350 to 2000 watts in my 8x8 room running Super HPS bulbs on Phantom II ballasts shold really boost growth. I'll also throughout the flowering stage be giving timed doses of extra UV saturation with reptile bulbs set on timers for a duration of 2.5hrs set at the middle of the light period of 12/12. After much discussion with a friend who works in the field of lighting on a commercial scale, came to the conclusion that trying to cover as much of the field of light and radiation that the sun does outside. During the middle of the day for a period of about 2 hours is when the UV saturation is at its highest TYPICALLY. There are exceptions as the there are constant solar flares emitting large amounts of radiation etc.

This is somewhat typical of my experimental approach to things. Stick with 75% you know well and muck around with 25% you don't know so well.... in this case that encompasses the fact I'm using LED's for the first time and introducing reptile strength UV lighting. In a week or two I'm going to re-install my 10,000 BTU portable AC unit in my 8ftx8ft room to keep the temps nice and chilly. I find my flower turns out much more frosty the cooler I keep my room. The last 3 grows I had the rooms at 60f steady and the frost was insane for the genetics I was using.. and I mean across the board. I had some Harlequin that would make you look twice no kidding, I'm pretty sure I have photo evidence

That's it for today's update. I might jump on a bit later and throw on some photos of the flower room currently as I'm trying to revive the plants I neglected when I was bedridden for a couple months. They have survived bu they are struggling because my father inlaw overwatered them. I came back to a room 4inches deep in water... what he was thinking still had me scratching my head. We move forward though! Onwards and Upwards!



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Cool, subbed.


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Yeah Im subbed, Just did a search to see what recipes were on here and your journal popped up. Good timing! Going to see a guy talk about living soil on Saturday. Do you think you would add some worms to the mix and have them living in the pots?:popcorn:


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Yeah Im subbed, Just did a search to see what recipes were on here and your journal popped up. Good timing! Going to see a guy talk about living soil on Saturday. Do you think you would add some worms to the mix and have them living in the pots?:popcorn:
Well to ruin a surprise that is exactly what my next post was to be about :) Putting the life into the soil. Including all beneficial fungi, micros and insects! Will get round to it here in the next few days.


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So I have been delaying an update and it is going to be a big one. I'm going to cover a good amount of information including Amino acid Foliar Spray /Soil drench through 100% Soluble Fish Hydrolysate. Which is the opposite of fish based nutrients, derived through an emulsifying process finished with an extraction in most cases involving heat. Heat reduces the levels of nutritional value in your nutrients. It pretty much kills all the drivers that deliver the food to your plant. 100% SFH (I abbreviated to save me keystrokes.. but now I wrote this ahhh the irony) is the process of the fish being broken down by enzymes.

Another great product is Insect frass (poop). Not only does it have micro and macro nutrients but also has some great microbial inoculants like your fungi, bacteria, protozoa. An added benefit is it helps to fight of a whole list of gnats/mites etc. Both of these products are organic and work incredibly well.

I'm also going to cover building your own worm farm with good results and breaking down the do's and don't of feeding these awesome little wiggly things. In this I'll talk about a few connecting things that stem off of the end product of worm farming.. VERMACOMPOST! This is where I will address compost and how any old compost just wont do especially if its been heated. Soil hummus is a great example of what happens in the forest/rainforest. Broken down wood material (wood chips) using fungi to break it down over 3-5 year low temp period to create supercharged nutrient and micro-organisms. Which means bigger and healthier plants. In my opinion one of the purest forms of any compost alongside VC. In heated composts only one micro-organism can survive in it and that's bacteria, free of anything to digest it and turn it into supercharged nutes. Look forward to sharing with you guys come tomorrow! Did I mention I'm growing in a couple 45 Gal pots indoor. Going to grow some big girls!



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So here is the update including a few photos of the rooms themselves and what happening right now.


I'm so excited for this delivery. Most of these are for the pure fact that I love these strains for everything each of them do and I am very familiar with all of them. So let's get the list going so you guys can make sense of the those pics :)

Girls Scout Cookie (Thin mint cut) not the Forum cut. For those who don't know the Thin mint cut is a much better pheno of GSC.
Grape Kush
Grape OG
818 Headband aka Sour OG
Creme caramel
God bud
THC Bomb
Original Sour Diesel
SkyWalker OG
Durban Poison
Night Nurse
Space Bomb
Micky Kush
Professor Chaos
Elephant Stomper

Phew :smokin2: Did you guys make it through that? Big list aye? Well it has its purposes. As far as the Micky Kush, Space Bomb, Professor Chaos, Night nurse and Durban Poison go, they are purely for exploratory purposes. I want to see all the pheno's I can in their individual field's... which is near impossible and most likely improbable to achieve for me. I will also be using two of these strains as my newest of breeding projects, which I am SUPER excited for... it's been WAY too long since I've made a new strain, since "The Chillz" and it's pheno sister "Chillzilla" almost 18 months ago. It should be a fun one but will probably be on a separate journal.

So these are my rooms in their current state. This is the Veg room about to be seriously revamped with 2 EX-Veg DS200's which should really sort out my VEG room and assist improving the overall yield when these ladies enter the Bloom room with 2000W + XML 350.

Veg Room

Bloom Room

The plants in here were badly taken care of on my last health scare. So I'm trying to get the most out of whats left in them and its not much but it's enough for table top smoke.

In the Veg room there is a lot of need for some re-organization. As of tomorrow evening I'll post up a photo of the after install and show the difference.

So next in the rotation going into flower will be TGA Nurse Jackie, The Chillz and I was handed 8 White Widow clones from a guy growing nothing but for the past 15 odd years. As a thank you for giving him my Micky kush pheno and a Chillz cut. So it's been a while since I've danced with that lazy lady but I look forward to getting reacquainted. After that I currently have some seeds popping from the list above including Night Nurse, Professor Chaos, Headband, Jack Herer, Dragon Fruit and OG Kush. It's like a candy shop over here. I'll be sure to be giving detailed reviews on the strains grown in this journal also.

I know it was brief but I hope you guys enjoyed it!



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cant wait to see the shelves full :thumb:


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So I was a busy boy today. I received my LED lights though I will have a slight delay on the install as I received daisy chain chords instead of your standard ac chords. All good and all sorted so we move on. The Veg room got a slight sorting since the last shot I took. I have moved out the Sour Tsunami clones that looked like they needed some TLC. So they actually were topped for clones and the rest went into my compost.

I had to get prepared for the seed I was popping as the night nurse popped insanely fast in my ziplock bag which is a method I decided to use since it had been a while. It works a dream but these girls/guys are ready to get going and I couldn't be happier. Especially since it gives you 800+1200 grams m2 when grown and trained right. The other seeds ready to go into soil were the Professor Chaos, Red Dragon Fruit (Red Dragon x Grapefruit) and 818 Headband. These little black pots have my own organic soil I have in my back yard constantly building and breaking down mostly from woodchips with fungi throughout to help break it down. Any organic soil with traces of worm casting will suffice in this stage. I indent the soil with my finger . The popped seeds are then placed into the dirt and covered. The room is at a constant 80f with about 51% humidity. Still running under T5's though that is ALL about to change Mwahahaha!>

Before seeds are planted

After seeds are planted

Also in the room like discussed before are 8 White Widow clones , 1 Micky Kush Candy pheno clone, 1 Chillz (my own strain) and 2 Nurse Jackie Sativa Dom pheno clone just recently transplanted.


I also chopped down the first of those struggling plants in my grow room and I haven't taken any close up shots due to the state they are in. With that said here is a nug from the Micky Kush Indica Dom PURPLE pheno.

May I add I currently have zero CO2 running in my room. So imagine what this could have looked like with a bit more juice. We will see at the end of next harvest, as I'm going to.. for the sake of educational purposes, share my DIY homemade CO2 generator concept. Very cheap and pretty easy to set up with a lil know how. :)

That's it for today's update. Coming up will be the LED install mid next week including a bit more coverage on my worm farm and how to make cheap and easy enzyme teas for your plants!!!



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Subbed, I'll catch up later. I'm sure there is loads of good info here. Thank you!
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