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GR's 5 Plant Vertical Grow Winter 19/20


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Here is the start to next grow. The 5 plants in the 2 gallon smart pots will be used in a vertical grow, 4 Triple Cheese and one Ayashauasca Purple. The plants in the Solo cups are going to my assistant for his grow.

20191123_171858 (2).jpg


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Delivered the plants in the Solo's to my assistant. Here is what is in the tent now.
20191126_112233 (2).jpg
20191126_112255 (2).jpg

The center plant is showing a touch of def, increased the CaliMagic/Epsom.
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The plants are on their 4th node, I will wait till they are 6 or 7 nodes and top them. Then top again when they grow another 6 to 7 nodes. Then start training them on the vertical screen.


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Eight day since repotted from the Solo's into the 2 gallon Smart Pots.
Roots establishing, and beginning to grow through the sides of the fabric pots.

20191201_101308 (2).jpg

I had put the CLW SS400 on them for a few days in veg mode, worked well but put them under the 315W yesterday and raised the lamp to get them to stretch some so we can begin training.
First day after transplant 11/23.
20191123_171858 (2)_LI.jpg

And today, 12/1, can tell the roots have taken off well. Moved a couple of the plants around but numbered them so you can tell each one.
20191201_100746 (2)_LI.jpg

20191201_100758 (2).jpg

Need to get the irrigation system back up and running. Did some modifications, built a stand for the pump and manifold to ride on, that will allow a cover to be placed over the rez. Going to place a small pump in the rez this grow and run it for about 15 seconds just prior to each irrigation cycle for a lite mixing.


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Day 15 of veg. All is well, plant at the right front had a touch of Cal/Mag issues, but fine now.

This week I will begin training them to go on the screens. So looking at about four to five weeks more of veg.


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super good growth goin on there friend,, wow,, most impressive. five more weeks of veg gonna give you some monsters, indeed

nice workin it,, cheers


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super good growth goin on there friend,, wow,, most impressive. five more weeks of veg gonna give you some monsters, indeed

nice workin it,, cheers
It will all depend on growth over the next few weeks, I normally go 4 to 6 weeks of veg for my vertical grows.


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Update: Day 16 veg.

Did a minor trim and tie down in prep for going vertical. Not sure when they will go on the screens.
Two day prior.
20191207_134321 (2).jpg

20191209_112502 (2).jpg

Got a few clones off these. Now tied and trimmed.
20191209_105037 (2).jpg
20191209_105916 (2).jpg
20191209_110624 (2).jpg
20191209_111550 (2).jpg
20191209_112223 (2).jpg

Had size Indica leaves
20191209_102534 (2).jpg


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Today I put them on the screens. They are small yet but did not want them to get away before I had them on the screen.
As stated they are not that large yet but they are on the screens now.
20191211_105745 (2).jpg
20191211_105722 (2).jpg
20191211_103407 (2).jpg

Shot from the back of a screen.
20191211_104249 (2).jpg

The group.
20191211_105654 (2).jpg

Here they are back in the tent, do not have them in the vertical mode light wise but this will be the placement around the bare bulb vertical lamps.
20191211_121436 (2).jpg

Let the training begin!


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Mini Update:
Day 21 Veg, 5 days since put on the screens.
20191214_093349 (2).jpg
20191214_093355 (2).jpg
20191214_093403 (2).jpg
20191214_093411 (2).jpg

Since I have not set the lamps up yet in the vertical position (still allowing plants to grow vertical), so I took the fan from the center of the grow and will add it when I hang lights vertical. That should be sometimes within the next 10 days to two weeks.


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Day 24 Veg.
Things are going well. After topping I am unsure if I will get the upright growth needed for a vertical grow. According to the breeder the plants should be 90 to 100 cm, that ain't gonna happen.
C2 is showing a touch of Calcium issues so increased the CaliMagic and Epsom just a bit.
20191217_103236 (2).jpg
20191217_103805 (2).jpg
20191217_103252 (2).jpg
20191217_103258 (2).jpg
20191217_103303 (2).jpg
20191217_103307 (2).jpg
20191217_103311 (2).jpg

In response to a private message I received, the little white thingy in the middle of the red feed lines is a quick disconnect so I can remove the plants from the tent to work on them.
20191217_103639 (2).jpg

Con't in next post!
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