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GSC Auto - New & old growth yellow spots & holes? Help!


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Hey guys, 1st post and in need of some advice/help diagnosing this issue. I havent run into this before and have done some research but cant quite put my finger on what is going on. I have 5 Autos growing indoors/tent, running a 24/0 light cycle, using coco/perelite mix (70-30) and General Hydro Nutes/Cali-Mag. 1x Glueberry - 2x Purple Kush OG - 2x GSC. All of my girls look good besides one GSC. The new growth on the plant is stunted and fan leaves are not 'fanning out' so to speak. They are extremely skinny and developing yellow spots coming off the veins. Older growth is being affected as well and i'm starting to develop holes in the leaves. Ive checked for pests, cant find any. Ive seen other posts saying it could be due to PH/RH inbalance. Im getting ready to water tonight so any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all


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re: GSC Auto - New & old growth yellow spots & holes? Help!

Whoops forgot to add the pics... i started all of them off with 1/3 of dosage for nutes and have slowly worked them up. All of my babies are on the same feeding schedule and this is the only plant showing these symptoms.
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I noticed you said that you are using Cal - Mag. What PH is your nutrient solution? If growing in Coco yo should be down around 5.5 - 6.5.

Can't be certain but definitely looks like nutrients are being locked out due to the PH.
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