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GTA Seed Bank (Review)


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Good Weed day everyone and welcome to :420:

This is a short sponsor review about GTA Seed Bank. GTA Seed Bank has a large genetic library to choose from and there website is very well set up and organised making searching for a specific strain easy. You can search by seed type, Reg/Fem/Auto or you can search by Breeders name.
The thing I love about these guys is that if you want a strain from a specific breeder not listed on any websites you can find, just e mail these guys in advance asking about the strain name and breeder name that you require and they will order the seeds for you. This is top notch customer service. Another good example of this is when I purchased some strains from them this one time in particular months back, I had an issue with a specific breeders pack and the seeds where not viable. Long story short they offered to replace them providing I have the breeders pack which I did not. Thinking I was screwed (for lack of better words) they sent me 3 OG Kush Feminised just for the troubles.

Please check these guys out, its worth the time spent, take my word for it.

Thank you GTA Seed Bank for being such a great sponsor for :420:


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I was just looking through the sponsors at the other seedbanks. I ordered from herbies the other night and was looking to order from another shop for variety. I'll have to check GTA out.


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Another great thing about these guys I forgot to mention, is if you don't have or use a visa or mastercard, they will accept cash, cheques, money orders and my favourite e mail money transfer.
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