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Guam Governor Calvo Weighs In On Medical Marijuana

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Calvo tells PNC news that although he would like to see the process to implementing medical marijuana on Guam move faster, he would like it done the right way. It's been over a year since Guam residents voted to make medical marijuana legal and the finished program is still far from complete. Just last week, Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett- Anderson completed her review of the rules and regs but she says that medical marijuana on Guam is still far from reality. The AG's office has yet to transmit the revised copy of the rules and regs to Public Health. Public Health has said that once the director reviews the dpocument, they will be sent to Governor Eddie Calvo for executive approval.

"Though I would like to see things happen faster, I understand that everybody has a role and responsibility here and we have to make sure at this point that the t's are crossed and the i's are dotted. So I will do whatever i can do to help in my capacity as a governor overseeing public health, and rev and tax to see how we can effectuate the ratification of this law," said Calvo.

Senator Tina Muna Barnes is currently working on companion legislation to the revised rules and regulations.

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