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I thought I'd share with you guys a little bit of my trip to Guatemala. I was born in the United States but my parents are Guatemalan. We visit every Summer and sometimes for Christmas/New Years. Anyways, the subject of pot is kind of taboo there, it's a fairly conservative place. It's kind of silly hearing my alcoholic uncles talk about to evils of pot, but that's another besides the point. I want to tell you guys about my experience with the pot friendly people, of which there are many.

My cousins had visited me here in the States earlier in 2007 and I found out that I smoked pot. That was the first time I smoked with family. Anyway, they had promised me to show me the cannabis culture in Guatemala next time I visited. This Christmas/New Years I spent about 2 weeks in Guatemala. We were at a family lunch and my cousins tell me that they are going on a 'joy ride' - their terminology for what many in the states might call a 'burn run,' i.e. driving around smoking pot. So we sneak out of the lunch and we drive over to a very affluent neighborhood (it's actually the wealthiest neighborhood in the country) which is where my cousin's connection lives. They hop out of the car, hop into a large SUV, then hop back in and show me what they had obtained. It was half an oz of the nicest, freshest headdies I've ever seen. The cost: 100 quetzales. That's roughly 12 dollars. And they were pissed for having to pay so much. I was astounded. We smoked a bowl and I got extremely high. I wish I could have gotten some pictures because the buds were truly beautiful. The smell was very unique. Now don't get me wrong, you can get a lot of low quality shit as well (which is pretty much dirt cheap). But for a little extra money (especially for someone that deals with dollars) you could cop some amazing bud. Guatemala is a beautiful, extremely fertile place. The soil is volcanic (there are tons of volcanoes) and almost anything will grow in it with minimal care.

I thought our 'joy ride' would consist of going to the wealthy neighborhood and back. I was wrong. We took a ride to the nearest lake (Guatemala has beautiful lakes). It was a drive through the mountains passing little villages all the way. It was awesome.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share my cannabis experience. There is another very famous lake called Lake Atitlan. There are many different villages that are on the lake. One of them, San Pedro, is where most of the really good pot is grown. There are no police there, and tons of European hippies. Every full moon there is a techno festival in the jungle. It gets pretty crazy and I plan on going there maybe this Spring break. If I do, expect pictures and a full report.


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I'll be looking forward to the pictures and report.:smokin:


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when you´re in Guatemala check out the Guatemala City Cannabis Club

we have the best medical grade marijuana strains from the US and Holland.


By the way this post needs to be updated. In San Pedro there is now a police station, not as hippy as back in the day.

Also you may need to reevaluate your nug judging skills, you say truly beautiful weed for $12, I´d say you got some nice outdoor with seeds. If you want to taste the best in all of central america, thc covered, then that´s with us.

Sorry dude, but no one is going to give away chronic, it takes a lot of work to produce master pieces.



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Lake Atitlan? You should have asked to see one of the local Maximon shrines in the villages. Those folks would have loved you for life.

There used to be a lot of solid weed in the region around Lake Izabal. Basically it was the same as the infamous Belize Breeze of the 80's. Plus,it's good spot to chill out, and check out the fresh water dolphins and manatees.

There's a lot of good weed in C.America. Some of the best weed I ever smoked came from the area around Esteli in Nicaragua. Stony as all get out.

Damned Dutchies polluting another country with their unstable genetics. They're already screwing up the good native weed on the Hondu side of the border northwest of Santa Rosa de Copan.
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