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Anyone got the eye for gender?? From what I have gathered for info I am under the understanding that it is still to early to properly tell this plants gender, but if you think otherwise let me know.....

Side challenge
Give me your guesses on what this plant will be (Male or Female) and I will track it's growth and we will see which side wins, if you would like more photos to guess its sex just let me know!!!


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You’ll need much closer pics of the nodes to see what’s going on. They look a bit young to show sex. Are these photo or auto? And how old are they?


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Ok sorry I'm terrible at taking pics but will try and get better ones in a moment....
To be honest I don't know what you are referring to when you say photo or auto? I can tell you they are grown from seeds outta my plants from last year and the seeds were planted at the end of April so they are only 1 month old... As for what strain the plants were, I have no idea because my Father got them from a guys son he works with because he was just gonna throw them away and was completely shocked when my Father brought me weed plants lmao
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