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Guide: Making your own hash without bubble bags!


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This is my guide to making gumby hash, aka gravity hash probably more names.

but here we go with lots of pictures of everything.

before we get started here is what you'll need.

frozen wet trim, i used only 150g of freshly frozen trim.

2 buckets

siphon tube, 1/8th inch works best slower the better. attach to a stick like in picture so u can feel bottom of bucket, you'll see later.

strainer of some sort. here is what i use... get creative im sure you'll find something.

a mixer

ice lol yeah i took a picture of ice.

large flat bottom glass jar. i use beer mugs or mason jars

glass pie plate or some sort of flat bottom non painted plate. something that wont scrap off.

a timer.

a razor blade

step 1:
first fill your buckets 2/3 full of cold water. and 5-7 lbs of ice.

add trim. i used 150grams of wet trim. not very much at all.

step 2:
set your timer for 25 min. and get mixing!

after 5-10 min it will foam up abit, this means its working.

you might have to stop every 5 min to clean the beater heads off. they get clogged easily

step 3:
with your hands first try to get as much ice and plant matter out. squeeze the shit out of it. the water has the hash in it!.

now take the strainer and filter it through to get the rest of the plant matter out. and again squeeze the shit out of it to get all the good stuff out.

place the bucket in a area where it wont get bumped or disturbed at all for the next 4 hours. cover it too so shit don't get all in it.
set the timer for 4 hours, go get high(er).

step 4:
take the siphon tube and attach it to the bucket. and make sure the stick is touching the bottom. and start draining the excess water off the bucket. and youll be left with about 1/2 to 1/4 inch of liquid.

apparently i got stoned and forgot to take pictures now lol im going to make another batch today anyway. so this tutorial will be continued. ill finish right now with text. and ill add another post to show pics.

step 5:
swish the water in the bucket around and quickly without spilling pour it into your glass jar or mugs whatever you end up using.
place somewhere they wont get disturbed and set your timer for 2 hours. probably time for another toke.

step 6:
you'll see a layer of golden brown stuff in the bottom of the glass. that's your hash! now take the siphon tube again. and siphon as much water as u can without disturbing the shit on the bottom.

step 7:
swish it around and pour it onto the glass pie plate. i place paper towel on the edge to soak up some excess water. the hash dont stick bad to the paper towel, but try to be gentle and not get much actually touching the hash on the bottom.
place the pie plate in a warm dry place for a few hours until the shit is caked onto the plate.
scrape with a razor blade, squeeze into a ball. and.....


thanks for checking this out. ill be adding more pictures with the last 3 steps over the weekend lol. i apologize but its pretty self explanatory anyway

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I just watched a you tube thing about the Grasshopper something.It did the same thing but used a paint mixer thing to do the adjudicating..I mean it was buzzin...Now my idea is to use a vibrating stick or something to stir with like use it to buzz the thc off.Or am I just off ....and the reason i'm thinkin that way is i have a 60 dollar electric wood chisle that I never used but has lots of rpms of buzzin, I know vibration really can just buzz the tricromes loose.. Any thoughts??


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You shouldn't ever leave the trichome heads in water that long. They get warm and break up. You lose tons of terpines which not only give you the flavor, but dictate the type and how high you get to some extent. What you do with yours leaving it sit, degrades what could have been much tastier and potent hash. Buy the bags people. They are cheap. You get much better quality the faster you work to process the hash once the buds hit the water, and NEVER stir that long. Never. Stir gently with a wooden spoon or stick. Stir for 3 minutes GENTLY, no thrashing the water violently. You want to knock the trichome heads off, not tear them to pieces. You want them as whole as you can get them for the best full melt bubble hash. Do one wash at 3 minutes stirring, the next at 5 minutes, third wash is optional IMO because I prefer quality over quantity.


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I have a question for anyone else who has done this. How the hell do you get the water out without boiling it? And without losing most of the heads? Do i for sure need a low micron screen or is there a-better way?
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