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Guide on How to Post Grow Questions

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How to Post Grow Questions - a primer.

First off I'd like to welcome you all and open this thread with a few tips for posting basics.

Please format your Posts like this.

(if it's a verified 420 Magazine sponsor - otherwise it may well be deleted!)

Please help this awesome Grow Room bloom and be even better!

Now with that said...

When you have a problem with your plants, it can be caused by one or more of many problems.

To help us help you, we need as much information about your growing situation so we can make an accurate diagnosis. Please use this guide and answer as many of the following questions as you can when you submit a new thread. Don't be intimidated - if you don't know the answer to a question, skip it. thanks for your cooperation!!!

1. Are you growing in Soil or using a Hydro system?

2.Indoor or outdoor?

3. How old are your plants?

4. Are you growing Clones or from Seed?

5. How tall are your plants?

6. What size containers are they planted in?

7. What is your Soil mix composed of?

8.Are you using pre-fertilized potting soil?

9. How often do you water?

10. What are you watering with?
-Tap water
-Reverse Osmosis

11. Are you using fertilizers?
- Chemical or Organic? What kind or brand?
- What is the NPK value of the fertilizer?
- How often do you fertilize?
- When did you start fertilizing? (what age was the plant)

12. What kind of lights are you using? (HPS, MH, Fluorescent, Halogen, Incandescent "Plant Lights")
-How many lights?
-How many watts or lumens?
-How close are the lights to the plants?

13. What size is your grow space?

14. What is the temperature and humidity in your grow space?

15. What is the pH of the soil?

16. Have you noticed any insect activity in your grow space?

17. How much experience do you have growing?

Finally, make sure to describe your problem in as much detail as possible!
It's a big list, but there are a lot of potential problems.

Just do your best to help us, and we'll do our best to help you. We're all in this together...helping...learning...teaching.

Happy Growing!
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