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Guidelines For The Off-Topic Forum

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Keith Lake

Human Resources
420 Staff
Welcome to the our Off-Topic Forum and thank you for taking a moment to read the guidelines for this area. While our primary forums are dedicated to the mission of spreading Cannabis awareness, our Off-Topic Forum is intended as a respite that our members and staff can use to unwind and discuss other things.

Please feel free to discuss anything here that doesn't violate our primary guidelines. Forum Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting

We're trying to maintain a firewall between our Cannabis and Hemp related forums and we appreciate your cooperation and support. Any mature topic that doesn't directly violate our primary guidelines is allowed (i.e. politics, religion, pets, etc.). Topics that might attract children to the site, or other disallowed topics such as reefer madness are not allowed.

For more information and further explanation of our Posting Guidelines, please check out the 420 Guidelines FAQ's

All photos must be uploaded through our gallery and we've created a specific sub-gallery for Off Topic Photos.

Thank you for your understanding and support, we are truly grateful.

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