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Guilty Of Cultivating Cannabis : Sentenced To 18 Years

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59 year old Gozitan, Paul Muscat, was found guilty by seven votes to two of cultivating cannabis in his fields and the surrounding area, in Wied Bingemma, in Nadur. Muscat was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment and fined 45,000 Euros.

Muscat was also found guilty, with eight votes to one, of trafficking, and by the same number of votes of possession of cannabis, which was not for his personal use. The jury found the Gozitan not guilty of association with other persons in order to grow and traffic the illegal plant, by an unanimous vote.

After the passing of the verdict, defence lawyer Joe Brincat said that the court should consider the clean conduct prior to the case of the accused, and the fact that he suffers from heart problems, when it comes to the sentence.

Prosecutor Lara Lanfranco said that the court should consider the fact that the accused tried to dirty the police with false declarations during his testimony.

In his sentence, Justice Joe Galea Debono took into consideration the substantial ammount of cannabis found, the uniformity in such cases, and sought to convey a message to society with regards to the damage caused by the drug.

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