GuttaCannabis - 2nd Organic Indoor Grow - 600W HPS - Grow Journal 2016


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sorry about the girl that didnt make it mate i hope the other one to do make it and make her dad proud:volcano-smiley:

Thanks for your concern it ok I just got my replacement order in the mail and to my surprise I got some more critical kush beans along with my OG kush and the freebees, so I got a good selection of beans to work with now, not including my purple trainwreck and sour diesel that should be ariving any day now!! :)


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1 OG Kush, 2 Bubba's Gift, 4 Afghani and 5 Critical Kush


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Germinating HSO Bubba's Gift & Dinafem OG Kush 01/23/16

Germinating using the paper towels method, don't want to risk drowning my little beans :)

2 BG's


I'ma let them set for 36 hr, lets see if we can get some tap roots :thumb:


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Thank I'll probably will be doing a big update here in a week or so just so yall can see the progress of the girls. I will be letting yall know how the germination go as the days go by. :) Hope everyone is doing well stay tuned, grab some smoke, munchies and sit back and relax!! It's going to be one hell of a show once these girls take off!!! :thumb:


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Wassup 420 family hope everyone is doing great I have a quick mini update, some good news and bad, Good news both bubba's gift spouted today looking nice and healthy :cheer:

B'Gs #1

B'Gs #2

Still nothing for the og kush which suck cause I was really looking forward to growing this strain still waiting and hoping she's going to crack her shall.

Bad new I pulled the life line on the afghani #2 and critical kush #3 so now I'm down to just 5 plants total 2 critical kush 2 bubba's gift and 1 afghani. I think I'm just sticking with these 5 for now!!! Hopefully 6 if this og kush pull threw for me, im crossing my fingers...

The afghani #2 wasn't making any progress after almost 2 weeks since it was stunted the baby leave died away and the fist sets of true leave were on pause I don't blame it look at that baby root

Critical kush #3 after 9 days no signs of new growth I think I put her under my 600w hps to early and that cause some type of issues new grower error idk honestly so I just decided to pull her also.

This Friday I will be giving updates on ck#1 and 2 and afghani #1 stay tuned everyone and thank you for all your support and following along with me on this journey..:thanks:
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