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guys im so happy

stoned snake

New Member
i checked today and my 2 plants are bouth ladies=)its almost over
i can see the hairs on the tops of them i cant describe the happyness
lol i want to thank you all for your help with my grow it was my first grow and i couldnt have done it without you now a couple more months and i will have big buds that i will smoke with my friends

lol im not sellign my shit jsut keeping it and smokign by myself cause id rathr not get in troubel=) and its MY weed i spent so much time workign on it it would be a shame to seel it
ok so thats it i just wanted to thank eveyone i cant remember all names but ty and ranjer danger i will dedicate this crop to your memory


New Member
congrats on the girls.

props to the dedication...


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Thats exactly what you should do with homegrown, smoke it yourself and share it with friends. Never put a price on what you've grown. Thats the difference between spiritual life affirming growing and growing commercially for profit.

stoned snake

New Member
^ dude couldnt have said it better there are so much of my emotions in those girls that to sell them would break my heart

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
i happy for ya bro. in sept/oct it will be a year for me. you'll just get better and your stuff will get better too. the worlds greatest hobby. enjoy theres nutin' better than smokin' yer own grown :smokin:

Herb Fellow

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It is a wonderful feeling I know. I have two ladies in the woods - my first grow. To be self-sufficient is a wonderful feeling.

stoned snake

New Member
hmm i havent named them but i think i got a couple of names il go do that rite now
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