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GW Pharma, Bayer Get Canadian Approval For Cannabis-Based Sativex In Cancer Pain

Lord Mong

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GW Pharmaceuticals PLC and Bayer AG's unit Bayer Inc said they have received Canadian regulatory conditional approval for Sativex, a cannabis-derived therapy, for advanced cancer pain treatment.

The approval has conditions attached to it, and UK-based AIM listed GW Pharmaceuticals said the approval reflects the 'promising nature of the clinical evidence which will be confirmed with further studies'.

Data from current studies show Sativex achieved a statistically significant improvement in pain relief, in comparison with placebo, the compnay said.
Sativex, the only pharmaceutical product derived from components of the cannabis plant, is administered through a spray pump under the tongue or on the inside of the cheek allowing a more flexible dosing than an oral tablet, GW added.

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.seems funny how canada and the UK use current scientific and accepted international medical studies to find valid medical uses for the plant but here in the land of the Free" they can't even allow free speech about studies that disagree with laws based on racial profiling and false data ....
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