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H1gherD1mensionz 3rd Grow: The Level Up! Amnesia Haze & Zkittles OG Autos

Paul Squiggle

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Healthy colour mate...
Oh! You can stick the out take in a box of blankets. Just change them once a week so they don't get damp off the humidity. It will dull the noise to nearly nothing


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Day 26

Temp: 25.9
RH: 56%
VPD: 1.49kpa
Plant: 13.5cm
Light: 18"h, 62%~, ? PPFD
Phase: Week 3 Veg

I've finally wrangled the tops into order and achieved a decent LST angle. The lower branches are responding to the hormone shift and we can now get some vertical growth. The environment has been stable and the plants pray up rigidly in response. The leaves are a strong green which makes me want to lay off the grow nutrient on the next feeding. I also decided to decrease the light intensity to around 60% to promote a bit of stretch, we'll see if it works.

Now one thing I don't like is how hydrophobic the soil can get and the fact they are elevated, they can't catch any runoff and could lose out on feed. To solve that I'll be spraying the top soil every now and then to keep it moist enough. I also sprinkled some cover crop seeds in there to help lock in moisture and power up the fungus, I can't hold back the organic urges no more lol. I even ordered some small worms... I may add them but I have other pots for veggies they'll probably go in... we'll see. I've also been holding back on a culture of springtails I could add to the garden once the plants were big enough.

My thoughts are that I'm kind of bored of the whole pH thing and the dry amendment top-dressing method of fertilizing is appealing to me strongly right now...

Both girls together, you can see the AH is slower while the ZOG is showing that bushy indica structure.

IMG_20211017_080843307_HDR rs.jpg

AH LST angle, ZOG is too bushy to get a peak in. She likes her dress low because shes a lady.

IMG_20211017_080623645_HDR rs.jpg

AH has 4 tops at canopy currently

IMG_20211017_080732032_HDR rs.jpg

ZOG is just a beautiful mess

IMG_20211017_080751709_HDR rs.jpg
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Day 29

Temp: 27.5C
RH: 65%
VPD: 1kpa
Plant: 16cm
Light: 18"h, 62%~, 450-575 PPFD
Phase: Week 4: AH Bloom, day 1. ZOG Veg, day 18

Feeding: 650ml water, 0.1ml grow, 0.4ml activera, 0.2ml topmax, 0.2ml bloom, 1/4 tsp mycorr, 1ml acv

Hi everyone! We've now crossed week 4 and the ZOG is still firmly in veg mode where the AH could be considered in bloom now. Environment has been sweet due to the mild fall weather. Rain has been keeping the humidity up with ease and the plants are loving it... now I also made a silly mistake, I've been using the pulsegrow VPD chart... the flower chart all this time lol... but we'll act like that never happened.

This week I reintroduced a DIY CO2 generator using yeast and sugar in a wine bottle. It really does seem like it caused the plants to gain new vigor. Raising and lowering the lights intensity seems to have helped with the node spacing as its looking good now. Very easy to train the AH, whereas the ZOG is much more rigid.

Lastly I've found the culprit to the dark leaves and purpling on the stems. Too much magnesium! I typically buy a cheaper water for the plants and drink a more expensive mineral water for my self. I've been lazy in buying that water and have been giving them mine... here are the differences:

Cheaper water, expensive water:

Calcium6mg55 mg
Magnesium2mg19 mg
Potassium0mg1 mg
Sodium1mg24 mg
Bicarbonate23mg248 mg
Chloride1mg37 mg
Sulphate1mg13 mg
Nitrate0mg<0.1 mg
pH at source7.47.4

Quite the difference! I'll definitely be sticking to the cheaper water for the plants... It explains why the apple cider vinegar wasn't as effective. Oh and the pH pen has lost its calibration and I really don't want to buy another one.

IMG_20211020_041948353_HDR rs.jpg


IMG_20211020_042016162 rs.jpg


IMG_20211020_042023425 rs.jpg
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Day 37

Temp: 26.5C
RH: 56%
VPD: 1.3kpa
Plant: 20cm
Light: 18"h, 62%~, 450-575 PPFD
Phase: Week 5: AH Bloom, day 9. ZOG Bloom, day 2

Feeding: 750ml water, 0.4ml grow, 1ml bloom, 0.4ml topmax, 1.2ml activera, 1ml acv, 1/4 tsp mycorr

It is now week 5 from seed and things have been going fine in the garden for the most part. There is one major frustration however which is most likely due to my error of not filling up the pots with enough medium and accounting for the fact the fabric pots expand outwards, leaving quite a large space. This is making watering the plant an absolute nightmare so I opted to wrap the pots in cling film to contain moisture and the feed run off. After this run I won't be using square pots again because its hard to find decent saucers for them at this larger size.

Over the past week I've performed some defoliation, removing fan leaves growing over the top sites. The Amnesia barely has any leaves whereas the ZOG has quite the abundance and I've removed way more off her. As for structure the ZOG is giving me a perfect even canopy with a decent amount of tops, where the AH seems to be growing in a stunted way. We'll have to see how much they stretch now.

The soft water has been working great and plants recovered nicely. I did feed them late which resulted in quite fast yellowing which shows they have eaten up the nutes in the bio bizz allmix and it will be important for me to stay on top of the feedings.








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Day 44

Temp: 22.8
RH: 46%
VPD: 1.4kpa
Plant: 22m
Light: 14"h, 62%~, 465-650 PPFD
Phase: Week 6, AH day 16 bloom, ZOG day 9 bloom

Feeding: 1ltr water, 0.5ml grow, 1.5ml bloom, 0.5ml topmax, 2ml activera, 1ml acv, 1/2 tsp mycorr

We are now in week 2 of flower and it has been quite a slow week of growth. The plants have been recovering from the hard mineral water and I guess it created some sort of lock out in the soil because the AH looks stressed and stunted somewhat and has something of a cal or phosphorous issue. The ZOG was droopy and looked like it was having water issues but seems fine right now with good colour. The girls are showing now that they are super hungry also so I'll be increasing the feed amount.

The weather in the UK is super cold now and you can see how far the temps in the tents have dropped. I wouldn't mind it being warmer for better microbe activity. I also took a peek just as lights went on to check the night temps/rh and the rH was at 81%! This must be one factor that stressed out the plants. The cling film has been working wonders to stop the run off too. I'll be keeping the humidifier off now as according to the VPD chart, rH in the low 40s is good for the lower temps.

The AH buds are very juicy looking and @Paul Squiggle is definitely on to something! Another difference is that the AH has dark thick leaves, red veins and leaf stems with what looks to be nutrient tip burn. Meanwhile the ZOG has some funky twisty pale tips. She is still stretching so hopefully we get some great structure. Unfortunately it seems the AH has stopped now and is only making buds fatter. And last but not least it seems my original pH pen which had seemingly died is alive again and has maintained calibration lol.


AH buds get thicker


Frosty AH cola


Twisty ZOG leaves


Brown spots on AH




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Day 48

Temp: 25.5C
RH: 44%
VPD: 1.5kpa
Plant: 21cm
Light: 17"h, 70%, 465-585 PPFD
Phase: Week 6, AH day 20 bloom, ZOG day 13 bloom

So this week I have been paying close attention to the girls to dial things in. I felt like the light was a bit too strong for the ZOG because it wasn't stretching very far. I pulled it up to 17" above canopy from 14". The next day she did indeed shoot up more with nice node spacing and had less curling on the edges of the leaves.

Increasing the water amount helped with the pot drying up too fast, however I must say this round of biobizz seems to get very hydrophobic very quickly compared to my last runs. I mushed in the cover crop because 1) the mix I chose features mustard greens which grow way quicker than the clovers and actually suppress the sprouting of other seeds due to alleopathy which I later learned of. 2) I didn't want the plants stealing the very available liquid nutrients thus throwing off my measurements. Next time I will prepare a better seed mix. The cover crop was useful in adding roots/biomass to the quite loose and underfilled soil/pot though.

The issues with the AH have become more pronounced but I think I know why. She went into flower within 3 weeks which means she would not have used up all the nitrogen in the medium like the ZOG did. This also means I gave it the grow nutrient too early and added to the nitrogen problems which were evidenced by the thick, dark green leaves and possibly stunted growth along with slight clawing. The N issue seems to also have caused some P/K issues I believe but I'm not certain. To remedy this I've skipped the grow nute and added slightly more bloom nute. Hopefully the main issue is not a pH lockout as the change to soft water is working well for the ZOG. which is perfect in colour.



Perhaps the stress seems to be amplifying the trichome production with big thick bracts that are sticky and pungent with a hint of pine.


I thought I was done with the LST but while defoliating the ZOG I saw an oppurtunity to open her up and pull back the main colas to reveal even more tops and budsites.

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