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Had 3 candies of 10 mg and 1 mint of 5 mg - Can I pass the hair test?

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I am so stressed out and found this website hoping someone can give me insights...

I was in CO and had 3 candies of 10mg and 1 mint of 5 mg in the same day (2 weeks ago). I just heard there is a hair drug test coming! I don't know the exactly time but it should be in the next week or two (which is 4 or 5 weeks away from the time I had those candies...). The last time I had smoked it's over 1 year ago. I have very high metablism. Does anyone have similar situation like mine...? What's the chance of passing the test...?


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You need to cut your hair or use a shampoo if your concerned, I'd say you should be ok after that time. The hair test is a ratio test. If you have small amount of thc to non thc matter in your hair it will be ok. You need to exceed the ratio limit to test hot. It's like the tour de France doping test. All raitos.

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