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Hair drug test questions


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Hey everyone... I'm new to the boards, but there is a lot of goof stuff here so I'm pretty sure I'll be frequent :)

Anyway, I just graduated college a month ago and got a ridiculously awesome job in San Diego. However, they require that I do a drug screening. I thought that they'd do a urine test, as a friend of mine who works there did a urine test. Much to my dismay, they'll be plucking my hair.

Now, I haven't smoked for about two months because I was in the market for a job. Even then, I didn't smoke much (perhaps a few hits a week.. I'm a lightweight).

My hair is pretty short. About an inch in length give or take. It also grows very fast; nearly an inch a month I'd say. Since then I've had two haircuts and I'm getting one tomorrow since my test is on Friday.

So my question is probably obvious. Am I safe? Or should I be worried?

Also, body hair is out of the question. I'm a swimmer, so most of that is shaved anyway! :17:

-Some guy from Cali.


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A hair test will detect drugs for a period of 90 days. The test requires a hair sample of 1.5 inches in length. Each 0.5 represents 30 days. The hair sample must be cut as close to the scalp as possible and only the most recent 1.5 inches are tested. Good Luck! :allgood:

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I got a haircut. The rest of my body is completely shaved from my sideburns down.
After I had my hair cut, I came home and used the Zydot shit (even though it probably doesn't work... it wont hurt to try I guess).

Went to the test center and they cut my hair despite how short it is. Afterwards I came home and cut a couple of small samples of my hair to measure it. It is usually around 3/4" to 4/5"... which is like a month worth of history since my hair grows ridiculously fast (get a haircut every 4 weeks and close to an inch comes off every time).

So, since its been around two months since I last smoked, I should be in the clear.

I'll post results when I get them.


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Hey everyone...

I passed, or I'm pretty sure I did. It has been a week and haven't received a call saying that I failed.
My friend who works for the company just told me that they don't call you if you passed. So I'm pretty sure that I'm good to go!

My advice: grow hair fast like myself :)
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