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Hair Follicle Test Monday


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Hey guys! I just landed my first big girl job only to find out it requires a hair follicle test. I haven’t smoked in the last two years or so, but two weeks ago I did a little bit of Molly (2 pts max) at Bonnaroo. I’ve read tons of info, but could use some reassurance. I’ve got apple cider vinegar, astringent with salicylic acid, and original tide. I ordered Zydot Ultra Clean shampoo that should be here Saturday and plan to bleach and dye my hair. I also grabbed some detox shampoos from a local head shop, because I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try.

Anyone think I will be okay to pass? Or is there something I’m missing that I should try?

Thank you!


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Molly is detectable in hair follicles for up to 3 months,which is not a good thing for you...
You're doing about all you can with the shampoos-hope it works out for you.
I don't suppose a blood test is do able? -2 to 4 days and molly is out of your blood
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