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Hey so im deffently new to growing but gained an interest after smoking for many years and watching a buddy of mine grow a Sour Diesel plant hydroponically in his closet. Well his plants done and the bud is amazing.

Anyways, I have just ordered some feminized lowryder seeds because i read they are a good strain to begin with being they are easy and quick to grow and will be growing outside in a pretty good location. I also plan on using an Earthbox.

Basically I just have a few questions and it would be great if anybody can help me and coach me along the way.

1. Being that I live in the middle west coast of florida it is very hot and humid so i was wonder if i should maybe be misting down my plants in the early morning to keep them from over heating throughout the day (this would be in addition to the automatic watering system of an earthbox)(too much water?)?

2. More importantly, what soil should I be using???

3. What is the best way to germinate my seeds?

4. And is there anything else I should consider before starting my grow?

BTW, my area is well hidden and recieves light through a fairly large opening in the above trees and animals are not a worry.


Will be posting pictures of my seeds and continuing process as they mature as soon as they arrive!

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ok as for your heat issue i think you should be fine but you might have a problem with pests and lady bugs and pray mantis are great also if you are worried about the heat a greenhouse like material can be used until a canopy is well shaded.

for the ssoil fox farms ocean forest fur sure or make your own. I like to dig a hole about 16-18 " deep and drop a couple pound fish in and cover with FF ocean forest soil

best way ever to germ is wet paper towl method then under like a vcr or on top of TV or under playstation2 my method.
last but not least nematoads will help your garden as well fight against bad bugs anyone else have any ideas hope this helps
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