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Hanging lights vertically?


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I have a plant that I just put into 12/12 and I have a feeling once it's done stretching it's gonna be brushing up on the top of the tent. I'm thinking the best way to light it would be to hang lights vertically by the side, and I haven't been able to find anything either on google or searching on this site so I thought I'd ask if anyone has any experience doing this. I have 3 Viparspectra 300w panels, or a 600w HPS if that would work better.

Any input appreciated!


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Ive grown both ways many many times. The leaves will turn to whatever direction the light is coming from, the plant does not care. Ive had two 1,000 mh and hps next to each other for veg and flowering. Never made a difference in yield come harvest time. Do whatever you gotta do to make it work. If you cut back the amount of nitrogen you feed them and cut back a little on watering during the first week or two when switching to 12/12 you will reduce stretch. If youre growing with chemical nutes from the bottle then reduce nitrogen but if doing true organics just move the light to the side for 2 weeks which is really the only time they stretch bad. Good luck


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A number of years ago I set up a small grow space (4'x4'x4') and lit it with 4' fluorescents. I had three 4 tube fixtures. I had one overhead and one on each side making a total of 12 bulbs. I found it was too bright and the plants were suffering so I removed 2 bulbs on each side. That left 8 bulb for a total of 320 watts. It worked great.
Plants will grow towards the light.
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