Hapless Cannabis Dealer Jailed


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A BUNGLING would-be drug dealer, who was caught with more than £2000 worth of cannabis, when he left his rucksack in a housing office to answer a mobile phone call, was today jailed for nine months.

Malick Sey, 27, of Elizabeth Drive, Bathgate, pleaded guilty at Edinburgh Sheriff Court earlier this month to being concerned in the supply of herbal cannabis on August 3 last year. Sentence had been deferred for background reports.

Sey, who comes from Gambia, put his rucksack on a shelf in the office reception area at the West Local Housing Office in Murrayburn Road, Edinburgh, and left to answer a call on his mobile phone. A member of the staff found the rucksack after returning from lunch, looked inside for an address and contacted the police. Officers found five bags of herbal cannabis, worth up to £2225 and £1400 in cash in the rucksack. When Sey returned to collect his property, he was immediately arrested.

During a police interview, Sey said he had bought the drug for £1600 from a man in London and planned to sell it in one-ounce deals.

Defence agent, said Sey became involved with drugs at a time when he was depressed. "His brief foray into the world of crime was very unsuccessful," said Mr Roy. He added that Sey had spent his life savings buying the drugs, but had not yet got to the stage of selling any or working out how to.

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