Happy 4/20 Everyone!


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May your 4/20 be the best ever!



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We have these giant rocks that students can paint over by the pond near my dorm. Me and all of my friends painted them black and covered them with huge potleafs, wrote 420 all over them, and then wrote RIP to each of our bowls that had been broken. I woke up this morning and left for class early so I could take some better pictures, and as I get in sight of the rocks, I realize that they are red and white, and as I get even closer, I get even angrier because some fraternity already covered over our beautiful artwork. We just wanted to get everyone in the 4/20 spirit!


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Happy 4/20... i already kicked off this holiday with a few bong hits as soon as i opened my eyes... a great start to the greatest day!!!


Damn User, you beat me to making this post... although i kinda figured someone would.

Happy 420, ill be gettin blazed and crunk enough tonight, all in good time boys and girls, all in good time.


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SPREAD 420 CHEER FOR ALL TO HEAR! I'm hulking down the morning meds right now. Love peace and happiness guys.


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i somked a bowl at the stroke of midnight. I'm planning smoking myself stupid later today

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am i coming through..... wait, i'll adjust.....

i'm posting from the future and i wanted to let you all know whats up.

i just finished watching NBC's coverage of the 420 parade. It was wonderful. All the floats are made of hemp. this year the grand marshal was Woody Harrelson. Last year it was Willie Nelson may he rest in peace. They didn't even need to enbalm him. My favorite float was (i'm a little biased) the Naked Girls Smoking Marijuana. Its hard to beat naked girls on a float made of hemp. The crowd seemed to love them. I must admit it was embarrassing when rob/420 fell off the float but we all smoke too much from time to time. The marching bands were wonderful this year and the musical theme was the music of the dead. I guess I shouldn't divulge much more information, wouldn't wanna screw up the time line. But I wanted you all to know a happy future awaits you.



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sage and sour gonna get it today,but first,let me introduce,mr DURBAN POISON,well known clear high,dad loves it!next guest.......BLUE DYNAMITE!!!!!this blueberry \afgani X Dynamite rocks!After that some Blue Sage to calm be down.then some hash and kief for the end.happy 420!


Ooo, jimma received some rep too
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