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Happy 4:20!


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Ok so it's not 4:20, but it is somewhere in the world.... right? Either way, whatever.

I just packed my steamroller, took 2 hits, and decided I'd rather vaporize. Now, I use my vaporizer once in a great while, so I don't know what posessed me to use it. But damn, I'm sure glad I did. I forget how yummy my bud tastes in the vaporizor. Why dont I use this thing more often? :yummy:

I am bored out of my mind. But it's nice... I've been running around like crazy this past week - it's really nice to have nothing to do. I can just sit in bed, play on my laptop, and get high. Woohoo!!!

So what are everyone's thoughts on when MJ will be legal?

What steps do you think will happen, and when?

I'm bored. Someone please talk to me. :nomo:


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Re: Happy 4:20!!!

Woah, I just realized that it will be 4:20 in California in 20 minutes. Good luck on getting the bil paseed!! I may be moving to California soon. :cheer:
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