Happy 420 Gifts at the Dispensary!


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i got a free gift bag which contained a gram of Louie Louie, a gram of Kief (i think its kief its a little glass bottle full of green powder is that kief?) and a little metal pipe.

nice gift,
but then when i opened the bottle of Louie Louie a SEED rolled out!

ive never once gotten a seed from a medical bud..
going to take it as a sign from above, and plant it :D

happy 420 all im now going to get toasted and get ready for this weeks Stargates to begin:51:


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ok.. just in case people didnt believe it or something, here is the seed god sent me on 4/20!!! i better not screw it up! lol



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Awesome dude.
If I was a med pot patient, I would definitly hit up all the clubs on 4/20 to get the illest weed ;)
You better plant that seed, it's gonna be a fine grow, I just know it :smokin3:

Earth Child

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Wow, brother. I'm jealous.

That's one nice set, there. Not to mention a seed? Holy God! That's amazing.

You're gonna' have a nice time with that.

:peace: Earth Child
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