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Happy 420


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happy 4:20 to all of you!
your kindness is true and true.
you take away my pain,
sanity i gain,
you take away my stress,
mind no more a mess.
take my seeds and plant them,
give back to mother nature, her gem.
smile and say ok.
smile and smoke today.
i toke 420 hits just for you,
by tonight my face will be blue.
ill be able to tell you how many bowls it takes,
just hope its not a brainy mistake.
saved 3 pounds of seeds in one year.
i plant them all and shed a tear.
none ill smoke,
lets see if cops take a joke.
ill not uproot them.
only watch em.
grow and grow till they get plucked,
hope i dont get fucked!
by the cops but who cares its 420!!!
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