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Happy Frog soil


Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2017
And the soil has at least another month maybe more??

That bag of nutrients looks like its made for OUTDOOR gardening to me.

Are you sure you wanna use it in a container.

Tread lightly - that stuff is HOT you won't be able to fix a heavy hand.

Doesn't happy frog have a suggestion on how long the soil will last without the need for amendments?

I don't use fertilizers. So I have no idea about weather they will work for your growing technique or not. I do understand what NPK is.

Fox Farms I think actually makes fertilizer to use with their potting soil.

Fox Farms ferts have much different NPK than what you have in hand. Sometimes it can make a difference.


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In two weeks, transplant from your HF to a big girl soil, OF. That fresh strong soil under her will take her to the 4 week point where it will be time to transplant a third time, probably to your final container. That fresh soil will take her another couple of weeks before you would ever NEED to give nutes... but
If your plant is healthy, you can start supercharging her to grow even faster by applying nutes. I wouldn't start until after that second transplant.
Everyone has their own method... this one works for me. Good luck and however you decide to do it, take notes! :peace::love:


Thank you everyone, i got a huge bag of happy frog so i will be using that the whole grow. It sounds good to wait, maybe after a 2 or 3 weeks in first transplant ill will try a super small amount or wait until they tell me they need it. So this seesling nute is basically useless lol
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