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Happy to be here


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Finally decided to join and love all the info. Looks like so much to read and do ~ if anyone has any suggestions of where to start, I am always open to them.

Hope this welcome finds everyone having a good day!

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Re: Happy to be here...

Welcome to the 420 mag family. If you haven't already, please take a moment to check out the guidelines: Forum Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting
Or... dive right in and get to know some of the locals, the staff here are great and our members are top shelf... :Namaste:


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Sorry there, have I already violated a forum guideline by my replying to a post? It seems apparent that I need to have at least 50 posts to use the Private Message system. And I haven't found the spell check option yet.

Thanks again ...


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To be honest , those rules are more of guidelines , you don't have to follow them to the dot . We are very lenient here at 420 mag but obviously don't be abusive of our generosity , we do draw the line . But again , don't worry about it , toke on !

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:welcome: to 420magazine... :roorrip:
Lot's of good people here to help with the new climate... :yahoo:
Smoke one and enjoy the site... :rollit:

MV... :popcorn:
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