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Harlequin cloning


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When doing plugs (Rockwool or Oasis) I have a station set up in the mother room. I use 600 wt HPS for them. I like the red spectrum to keep my mothers as it causes a bit of stretching between nodes, which I like for cuttings. The ambient light from them (nothing direct on the sprouts) is enough for them. And it is nice and warm and humid in there ... it works well.

I keep the clones in a tent with banks of T5s for about a week (to make sure they are viable) before taking to market.

When all the plugs for Harlequin would not produce I vowed to do things different to find out what they like. I did several things different with the batch of H that sprouted: 1) Ph'd much lower 2) Moved the tray to the tent.

I don't know which one caused the sprouts to sprout - but they did. I'm waiting to see how the cloner works - if it does well, I will use it exclusively for Harlequin and keep the other sprouts in the mother room.

I don't usually put up with prima donna mothers. Every once in a while ya meet a girl that's worth it - for a while.

My dad used to say that "For every beautiful woman you see out there - there's at least one guy that's tired of her."

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