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HarleyDude's First Closet & Outdoor Soil Grow

Ok, hi all ! I raised two ladies, from unknown seeds I got from a good friend, outside last year and had a decent crop so my wife and I wanted to upgrade our supply this year! I want to keep two plants in closet and move the others outside after frost threat. I will post pictures ASAP. I have been lurking and learning here for a while and finally got the courage to post !

Consider putting as much of the following information as possible to start the thread with.

What strain is it? All fem seeds from Nirvana. 2 Wonder Woman,2 kayak gold, 1 Hawaii Maui wowie, 1 urban poison
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrids, mostly sativa
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg
If in Veg... For how long? Started all seeds 4/22 in square foot garden soil I had on hand, in jiffy pots. Placed on heat mat and under light, and dome All seedlings up by 4/27
If in Flower stage... For how long?
Indoor or outdoor? I want to keep two plants in my closet and put the others outside
Soil or Hydro? Soil
If soil... what is in your mix? Started in sq ft garden soil. I have fox farm ocean forest soil for transplanting
If soil... What size pot? I think for closet I'll use 12" pots i had
Size of light? 4 ft T8 dual bulb fluorescent 6500k 2900 lumens ( i think each bulb ??). Also 6 23watt, 1600 lumen,2700 k cfl and 2 14 watt,800 lumen,5000k cfl
Is it aircooled? Yes. Closet is 60"x36"x41"tall. 3 inch outlet with a small doorway fan ( i had for woodstove, i know not ideal, will upgrade if needed) and 3-1/2 inch passive inlet. Also oscillating fan moving air around closet
Temp of Room/cab? So far keeping it 70-85 degrees
RH of Room/cab? 45-50 %
PH of media or res? No clue. No ph meter yet
Any Pests ? Not yet
How often are you watering? As needed ;) i wait until dry then give them a good soaking
Type and strength of ferts used? Started using very dilute fox farm grow big

I look forward to input and advice as my crop grows.
Thanks all! Have a great day

HarleyDude :Namaste:
re: HarleyDude's First Closet & Outdoor Soil Grow


My " on the cheap" set up

Ok, so 9 days since seedlings emerged from soil. Moved one Wonder Woman, one Kaya gold and urban poison into larger pots. Filled with FF ocean forest soil. I gently removed the jiffy pots ( i read that the pots might retain water and decompose heating the roots ?.) also started hardening the other three plants that I want to plant outside soon. Continuing to water as needed with very dilute FF grow big
I would love to hear any thoughts or advice
Thanks! I'm not sure of the terminology, or even if it's correct procedure, but I am getting my plants that will be grown outside acclimated to the outside environment. They will soon be leaving their climate and temperature controlled cabinet with 18/6 lighting and be placed outside. I know with vegetables started inside under lights, that it's important to ease the transition to outdoor life by exposing them to some time outside each day for a few days leading up to the move outside. I am a novice grower so maybe it is not necessary with marijuana , but I figure it can' t hurt. :wood:


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It is totally necessary they need to get accustomed to the new lumens just like any other plant. Yes it is called hardening few hours a day graduating more and more til they are ready for outside. When i first get mine ready to go outside i usually use half cloudy not raining days, when the lumens are about half as normal.

Nice grow so far and they're looking great


Dutty Panty

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My only recommendation is next time don't use jiffy keg cup works better those jiffy pots can cause problems come transplanting.

Like stated above slowly acclimate them to the outside.


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I just use a jiffy pod in a small pot full of biobizz light mix but everyone has there own way of doing things personally i dont like the jiffy pots i find they dry out to quick outside and don't really accomplish anything but to each there own.

Moved my three "outdoor" plants outdoors today. Gently removed the jiffy pots and placed them in holes filled with FF ocean forest soil. Also ordered a 4 inch active air inline fan 165 cfm for my closet , the temps are pushing the upper range ( as I understand it) . I open the doors to keep it from going over 85 degrees for now.
Happy growing friends :yummy:
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