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Hey Guys,
this is my first Grow Journal. I start this at the beginning of the flowering phase.

The 4 strains are:
  • 2x G13 Haze feminized from Barneys Farm
  • 1x unknown Indica or Indica dominant hybrid
  • 1x unknown Sativa or Sativa dominant hybrid

The Setup:

Grow Room: 2.5 m high. 1.1m x 1.1m floor, with small window
Light: 1x LED 600 Watt
Pots: Autopot Easy2Grow with 4 pots, 47L tank
Medium: 100% plain potting soil
Nutrients: Advanced Nutrients, phPerfect Bloom + phPerfect Micro

The 4 plants were in vegetative phase (18/6) for roughly 6-7 weeks under a 300Watt Mars Hydro Classic LED and 2x 30Watt LED Grow Bulbs.
Date of light switch to 12/12: 12th May.

The grow room has no exhaust air unit yet. I plan to order one with 285m^3/h. Do you think it is appropiate? The window has to suffice for now. Also there is one small ventilator for air circulation.

What do you say are these female pistils already? I can't quite tell:


Hey Harpo great start to your journal :thumb:
if I do not type to slow I will be 1st to sub which does not happen very often since I am a 2 finger typer. My eyes are not the best, ok they suck but from what I can make out I would say, be patient and give her a little more time. She will show herself soon enough.

As for the exhaust fan I am afraid I am no good at converting metric into english so I can not comment on that, though it has been my experience that to much is always better then not enough since you can always pick up a speed controller to slow it down.
Hello OlderGrower,
thanks for the sub.
I'll try to stick to the metric system. Maybe I can one day say I was part of the movement that helped the Anglo Saxons come to reason when they adapted the metric system :blalol:
Hello OlderGrower,
thanks for the sub.
I'll try to stick to the metric system. Maybe I can one day say I was part of the movement that helped the Anglo Saxons come to reason when they adapted the metric system :blalol:
LOL good luck with that one, this is an old dog who can learn new tricks but metric is not one of them. I am cool with the metric system though if it works for you go for it by all means, we use what we are familiar with.
I know your interested in sexing your plants but how about a shot of your grow area and the whole plant so I can see the structure of it.
Do you top or do you FIM? what about training? you prefer LST or HST? Or perhaps you intend to SCROG her once she shows you her sex.
From what little of your plant I have seen I would say your not FLUXing her, but I could be wrong, hence wanting to see more of her. I know I keep calling it a her, that is just me thinking positive and hoping for the best.
Grows are like porn, the more pictures the better :rofl:
As I am a noob to growing i didn't try any training methods. I only topped my unknown indica (see below). Though when In search for all these fancy training method you mentioned, I mos def try these next time. Fluxing looks promising.

Now to the pic porn :)

Maybe you have some tips where and if I should cut these (hopefully) girls.

Grow Room:


Unknown Indica, growing like crazy, bushy (for my standards)

Unknown Indica with focus on the topping cut

Unknown Sativa-dominant, actually I am not sure if it is Sativa-dominant anymore:

G13 Haze #1

G13 Haze #2
They all look very nice to me. Yeah FLUXing creates a very impressive plant but way to much work involved in it for me, though some day it may be fun to grow one that way after I retire and have more time on my hands. Mr. Am4zin is doing one right now in one of his grows with the coaching of Light Addict aka Professor FLUX. I have watched Mr Am4zin's grows before and I am sure he will finish up with a real dandy when he finishes her out. I mostly grow LST with an occasional HST when I screw up and have no other options. My favorite way is under a SCROG but since I have switched from soil to DWC I have not quiet figured out a good way to SCROG them yet.
I use to top my plants but lately I have been FIM'ing them instead with great success, where I use to get two tops branches, now I am getting three.
Your unknown Indica is nice and bushy, my favorite shape for these plants, just wish Sativa's would naturally grow that way. I do believe from your picture that your unknown Sativa-dominate plant is truly a Sativa-dominate plant just from the shape she is growing, tall and lanky. All the Sativa's I have grown tend to do that, hopefully she will smoke like a Sativa for you, but thats just my personal preference. I like the high from Sativa's the best, that is why I presently have 3 growing that are 100% Sativa.

it appears you have plenty of room for raising your lights, thats a big plus, my grow area is only 6.5 feet tall wish it was more like 10 it makes growing Sativa's a challenge.

Both of your Haze plants have great plant structure, they should yield you lots of nice buds

All in all I have to say you have a very nice set up and your garden looks great :goodjob:

Oh and as for the air exhaust needed or not, while the window has worked for you up to this point, if you rely only on the window for air exchanges, you will be setting yourself up for issues down the road. Unfortunately they will not be good issues. Do yourself a favor and put one in you can exhaust it out the window easy enough by putting a small piece of plywood under the open window and venting through a hole in the plywood that way you can close the window and still get ventilation. Once your gals start budding up they tend to perspire a lot of moisture and the RH% will want to climb, unchecked this can lead to molds and mildews which can destroy your crop. Always best to be safe then sorry.

Looks great though for a 1st time grow my friend, even if you use the metric system :laugh:
Keep up the good work and keep your garden green
Today I checked if the plants are male or female. As I never saw male flowers/buds I'd like to check with you if my sativa turns out to be male. Check this out:

Hi dirt mcgert,
thx for the info about the male Sativa. I got rid of this nice plant heavy-heartedly. On the free spot on my awesome Autopot Easy2Grow setup I put one Northern Lights Auto:

I try to raise this plant on a 12/12 schedule. Better all Autopots are used and not idling, right?

The other 3 plants are busy building buds.

This is day 17 of the flowering phase:

What do you think how long the flower cycle will last?
Hi there,
today I came back from a 1 week vacation. As I looked in the grow room I felt like Marty McFly coming back to the future :)
The plants developed nicely. Especially my unkown indica. Branches are almost full of buds from branch tip to main stem.Also the branches are already sticky from resin.


My unknown indica must be a Jedi she has the force in her:




The two G13 Haze don't grow that fast. Anyway the buds look healthy.

The girls are doing fine. I guess 1 week and the G13 are ready for harvest. 20-30 % of trichs are already brown on the G13, on the unknown indica not so much. Meanwhile i think the unknown indica is a Big Bud strain. This monster is full of buds but they are not very thick :scratchinghead: Not enough CO2 maybe?


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