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Harris Poll: East Bests the West for Medical Marijuana

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Eight in ten respondents within the "East" to a Harris poll released yesterday said that they "strongly support" or "somewhat support" legalizing medical cannabis. In another upward trend 50 percent said they agreed with fully legal, recreational marijuana. This was the highest overall support in any region and breaks with popular stereotypes. Still, this surge has been clear in some recent local polling. Last year saw Pennsylvania supporting medical marijuana at 80 percent and New Jersey at 86 percent.

The more interesting aspect of the new Harris poll is that it went in-depth on the issue.

When asked about the consequences of legalized pot 41% thought the overall crime rate would decrease and 44% thought that we would spend less money on prisons. A striking 75% of the respondents from all regions agreed that if prohibition were to end then we would see significant tax revenue generated from cannabis.

More form the Harris poll press release:

Differences by Region
Adults in the East are most supportive of legalizing marijuana for both medical use (80%) and recreational use (50%). The West is the next most supportive region-76% support legalizing medical marijuana and 50% say so for recreational marijuana. While three quarters of Midwesterners support medical marijuana legalization (74%), less than two in five say so for recreational use (39%) and Southerners are least supportive of both medical marijuana legalization (69%) and marijuana legalized for recreational use (34%).

Who Should Make the Decision
While most Americans support legalizing medical marijuana, there is no consensus about legalizing marijuana for recreational use and who should decide whether or not to legalize it. A plurality of 44% of adults say it should be a state decision, 40% say it should be a federal decision, and 14% are not at all sure. There again are some regional differences-over half of Westerners (52%) think marijuana legalization should be a state decision compared to fewer in the South (44%), Midwest (42%) and East (38%) who say the same. Easterners are most likely to say it should be a federal decision (47%).

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