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Harvest of short rider. Nirvana


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i just checked the tricomes and they were mostly amber. but only on the tops.
the tops grew above the hps and recieved less direct light which ibelieve they were done first. very large colas for 11 weeks auto. the rest of the plant is still showing cloudy w/ no amber. they goy more direct light and are still budding. short rider arent that short.
16/8 light time.
the tops are approx. 10 grams before drying. divide by 8? anyone know.
thats what i think.
its so sticky its like glue. lemon flavor.:cheer:
Not real sure what the question here is but it loses about 75% of its weight when it dries. So I guess it would be more like 10 x .25 to give a rough estimate.
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