Harvest so the plant comes back?


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It's getting real close to harvest time. I want to pick my buds in such a fashion as to be able to switch the light to 20/4 or 18/6 and have the plants go back to Veg. How is this done? Any tips will be greatly appreciated.
I've done it several times and am so not a fan of it.
Here's why:
Not all of the plants survive the "switch. You're majorly stressing the plant out. Some of them die, others go into a kind of "suspended animation" where not much of anything happens.
For the ones that make it, you muct them wait a month or more--let's say 5 weeks--for the plant to grow new branches.
So figure 3 weeks for the plants to make the switch and 5 weeks for the plant to grow enough new branches to send it back into flowering.
In that amt of time, 8 weeks total.
It that amt of time you could have germ-ed & vegged healthy vigorous NEW plants and had them in flowering already.
To me, the only reason to re-veg this way is if the grower didn't take clones off the plants before any thoughts of re-vegging.
Also, based on my own experience and talking to friends who have done it I've found that the yield is significantly less the second time around.
I don't recommend it unless you decieded that late that you want the same strain.
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