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Harvest times for outdoors in your province?


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Hey all. As you can tell, I’m from Saskatchewan lol. I got four girls outside in the earth. They are JUST now showing flower. I’d say they are week one or two into flower.

It’s september 11th though. 8 weeks from now puts me into November which is guaranteed too cold for outdoor. What I’ve done to rectify this (hope) is build a poly green house around them with some space heaters to keep the temps up. This has been the set up for about a month now.
The plants in question are giants. 7 foot tall by 5-6 foot round. BEASTS!!!! My estimated harvest weight is 4lbs per plants!! Yup! That big!!!!! But I need to get them through to harvest!?!
Do y’all think the space heater thing is going to work? Do you think the ground/ roots outside of the tent will freeze and fuck up my harvest?? Anyone else deal with frost and how did you manage?
Here’s some pictures of the girls from about a month ago. August 11th

Here’s about two weeks ago.

Roof is too low. Ended up having to either super crop or hang sockets lmao. We hung sockets hahahahaha

They are now squished too the roof due too the stretch... sockets fixed it but I got no pictures of the sockets on haha.

Herby Paisley

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Hi sask420grow You could try putting some hay or heavy mulch at the base of each plant and maybe a layer of hay on the ground outside the greenhouse for those roots ,and heaters inside but you might run the risk of bud rot with everything squished in there. Make sure to keep it breezy in there and those girls moving. I'm kinda in the same boat with a late harvest, but in a DWC system in an unheated insulated shop, so I hear ya about the cold coming! Hope you make it to harvest!


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Do y’all think the space heater thing is going to work? Do you think the ground/ roots outside of the tent will freeze and fuck up my harvest??
The space heater could work but would be somewhat inefficient with a single layer of plastic. Might want to make sure the space heater is not to close to the plant and causes the leaves to burn. They should be able to tolerate very warm air but not direct heat. Put your hand the same distance from the heater as the plant is and if you want to pull your hand away within a couple of minutes then it is still to close. Use a watch to make sure you are testing for 2 to 3 minutes. Or slowly count to 180.

As for the roots I really doubt that there will be any problem. It takes awhile for soil to freeze down more than a inch or two. A bit of frozen soil at the surface that defrosts during the day should not be any real problem. Though, once the soil freezes down a couple of inches and/or for days on end, the roots are either killed or go dormant. Pretty sure that the roots for your plants would be killed pretty soon after a solid soil freeze.

Have a great day.
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