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Harvest / vacation dilema - refrigerating before drying?

count duckula

New Member
it looks like the last of my flowers are going to be done right before i go on a week long vacation.

can they be cut and then placed in the refrigerator for a week and then hung to dry when i get back without any damage?

i was thinking this my kind of put them in a kind of stasis.

anyone ever tried this?



New Member
Generally for drying down weed - it will take one day for each 10% of RH in the drying room... plus one day. So if you are drying in a room with 60% humidity - it will take you 7 days.

So if your humidity is around 60 to 70% and you are going to be gone less than a week - just let them dry as normal and have dried weed when you get home.

count duckula

New Member
thanks for the reply GL4A! yeah, it takes about 1 week for it to dry, sometimes less, depending on the temps in the room,

i may have to try this out (with a small amount of material) just to see what happens.

one of my main concerns is that they may have already been cut when it's time to leave and they will be over dried when i get back...no thanks to crispy nuggets.:cough:


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I had the same problem last grow. Had to leave them to dry without any trimming. Took me AGES to trim. I normally give them a 90% trim as soon as they're chopped, and then tidy them before jarring.

i'm going to have the same problem again shortly -but this time, I'll do the 90% trim before I hang them.

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